Goal Setting Icebreaker Activity: Good Start Before Getting Into Serious Stuff

In a townhall session or whatever term is used to describe the management meeting with employees it will usually require goal setting icebreaker activity which at that moment can be very serious, but can also be made with a relaxed concept but still focused on the main goal of exploring technical and strategic matters that will be used by the company in the process of achieving the goals and targets that have been submitted by the shareholders. Light and fun games are usually made to make participants focus on the material to be discussed.

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Some simple things are usually used in goal setting icebreaker activity because we really shouldn’t be too serious and look for complicated issues at the beginning of the event, because we will lose momentum and make the participants lose interest in the event as a whole. If we want to confront an idea or person, then we prefer to do it in a private space that can make us more flexible in doing so. Because basically human nature is not wanting to be humiliated in public. We also do not want to be placed in such a situation.

Some of the goal setting icebreaker activity that are often used in official and informal forums are as follows:

  1. Playing Reporter
  2. Candy Colors
  3. Fact or Fiction
  4. Truth Telling
  5. A Toss Up
  6. Celebrate Similarities
  7. Quilting
  8. Teenage Decision Making Activities
  9. ICED, ICED, Baby
  10. Dramatizing Teen Decisions
  11. Planning for Future Goals

Of course, this kind of thing is only an example, not necessarily a benchmark. You can also play a little game outside of that and get a great audience reaction. If this happens, we will get a lot of benefits, and all participants present will have a memorable experience.

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The goals of an employee and the goals of the organization must always go hand in hand. This will further facilitate the collaboration that occurs in it. Although competition is important, now is the time to collaborate, so that everything we do can have a positive impact on the success of the organization. The things that are included in goal setting icebreaker activity can make us more focused on achieving many goals so that the things we do can happen simultaneously. As if when we rowed, in one row two or three islands were exceeded. Things that are team building really need to be done so that we can work well together in an organization.

No need to imagine that we can only do goal setting icebreaker activity in large organizations. Even if you are having fun, then you can do this game when you are alone. But indeed we can only do limited things that can be done alone, for activities that require other people of course we also need other people. We will not be able to play chess against ourselves because it will be very complicated in its implementation. We can still benefit from this, and the good news is there are several mobile applications that we can use to simply sharpen our brains to become sharper.

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If we consider goal setting icebreaker activity is an important thing, then we can use it in various occasions. There’s nothing wrong with you being serious about this and trying to make an inventory of various things related to it, don’t forget to also use an easy organization so that when you need it you can easily find it. In the archive you use, write in detail the various kinds of information that you will use when finding out the game you like. So we don’t need to remember too much detail about various things related to it.

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