How to Achieve Goals Based on the Enneagram 9 Goal Setting

Knowing your personality according to the enneagram 9 goal setting will help you to achieve your goals efficiently. To know your personality type, you can take the Enneagram personality test in the first place.

The Enneagram 9 Goal Setting

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The enneagram helps to highlight your motivations and strengths. So, here are things you need to know about the enneagram’s personality.

Type One, The Perfectionist

The Perfectionist tends to pursue something that serves their needs to be right, good, and virtuous. They also are driven by their values.

This type of personality needs to learn to delegate. Since they are highly detail-oriented, it is crucial to stay focused on the big picture instead.

Type Two, The Giver

Type Two loves being appreciated, wanted, and loved more than anything. Well, you can call it a people pleaser that loves strong relationships. No wonder if they are highly empathetic.

According to the enneagram 9 goal setting, they need to get more connected with the community instead of an individual goal. Thus, their actions become more meaningful.

Type Three, The Achiever

The Achiever is a personality type that loves admiration, success and feeling valued. They take goals as a natural part of life.

To make the goal achievable, the Achiever needs to consider success outside their achievements. Also, they need to learn to be less competitive, since goals are not always about that.

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Type Four, The Individualist

According to the enneagram 9 goal setting, Type Four loves authenticity more than anything. Thus, the individual expression means a lot to them.

This personality type would get a huge help on their goals by creating a vision board. Other than that, they need to learn to pursue habit-oriented goals instead of results-driven ones.

Type Five, The Investigator

The Investigator feels fulfilled once they have everything they need in the first place. As curious and independent personalities, they seek a deeper meaning of life around them.

They need to pursue process-oriented goals with a big picture so that they know every step to take. Other than that, sharing the ideas with people who share similar passions would give them some new ideas.

Type Six, The Skeptic

This personality type loves security and feeling supported by their people. The Skeptic honors commitment loves practicality and is responsible.

The best way to set goals is that they need to work with a group that has similar causes. Small steps are better than going big and overwhelming.

Type Seven, The Enthusiast

According to the enneagram 9 goal setting, Type Seven loves freedom and new experiences so that they can live their life to the fullest. This personality type doesn’t like feeling tied down.

To achieve their goal, this personality type needs to make a list of things that feel right and things that they can commit to. Also, it will help if they learn to master one thing they are so passionate about.

Type Eight, The Challenger

Type Eight loves control. As natural leaders, they are focused on positive results and quite protective. To achieve the goal according to the enneagram 9 goal setting, it is crucial to assess the purpose of their goal.

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Also, being moderate is the key. Instead of taking impulsive actions, creating a list of things they are excited about is always a better prospect.

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Type Nine, The Peacemaker

This personality type finds motivation in peace of mind and inner stability. They love harmony and also have easygoing personalities.

Achieving their goals would be smoother if they can make a list of priorities. Goals with small goals will also help them big time. Also, multitasking won’t bring them anywhere.

Bottom Line

After finding out your Enneagram type, now you know your best angle to achieve your goal. The enneagram 9 goal setting is a powerful tool to pursue your self-improvement journey.

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