Goal Setting Zig Ziglar You Can Use to Make Your Dreams Come True

We can easily apply goal setting zig ziglar in many planning and implementing various purposes. The first thing we have to do is Identify the Goal which must be clearly specified and measurable. Often we fail to achieve what we aspire to because we are not even able to explain what it is. If only in general, such as being a successful person, then of course the condition in our subconscious mind will be confused in giving instructions on what to do and what not to do.

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If the goals are well defined, then we come to the next stage of goal setting zig ziglar, namely List the Benefits. What are the benefits that we can personally get if a dream turns into a reality. In addition to ourselves, we can also include benefits that can be obtained by family or closest people, it can even be broader, namely society in general. Sometimes idealistic things need to be included in this list because they will make us more excited and motivated to achieve the best. If we only pursue personal interests, then usually we will feel small compared to things that are noble and noble even for the sake of the development of world civilization.

The next thing in goal setting zig ziglar that everyone should pay attention to is the List the Obstacles to Overcome stage. In the process of achieving goals, we will always bump into various kinds of obstacles which if we don’t handle them properly, it will slow down and even thwart our efforts to realize our dreams. Then we also have to make a List of the Skills and Knowledge Required so that we can prepare everything in detail and we can also know what we will do every day to support the process of achieving goals. Because there are too many skills to be explored, so if we don’t focus on what is really important, then we will stray from the original goal.

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The next thing that is no less important in goal setting zig ziglar is List the People or Groups to Work with. As social beings, we definitely need help from many people. Therefore, we must prioritize building relationships with which people are most important, because if we spend too much time on the wrong people, we will fail in accelerating the process of achieving lofty goals. After we have everything, we can make a Create an Action Plan with details on a daily basis. This will keep us focused and consistent. Use books, or other organizers such as cellphones or laptops if you often work using them.

The last thing in goal setting zig ziglar, namely Set the Deadline for Achievement, is often forgotten by many people because they feel that we will achieve a goal in a long period of time and who knows when. This mindset needs to be changed, because if we need to achieve our goals next week or next month, it would be better than twenty years from now, for example. Along the way we may change things one way or another at each stage but the main goal remains the same.

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The use of the basic principles of goal setting zig ziglar can indeed make us better in so many ways. There is nothing wrong with using this for our organization, although basically there is a better strategic management framework when it comes to organizations, especially organizations with very large numbers of members. If an idea has been used for a long time and tested and still works, then we don’t need to look for other ideas that are not necessarily suitable for your specific conditions.

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