Enneagram Growth: Provision to Understand Behavior of Many People

In an effort to become a better person, sometimes we need the concept of enneagram growth to know ourselves better. If you have found your personality characteristics and found the most appropriate explanation of who you really are, then we can determine the most suitable self-development program to apply. When we first see this tool, maybe we will be a little dizzy because the picture is so complicated. But what is presented there is very simple, we just need some basic understanding.

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The basic thing you must understand about enneagram growth is that you will not be able to change from one personality type to another. This usually grows as innate from birth and is strengthened by the result of absorption related to the character of what the external environment provides. The adaptation process carried out usually emphasizes what the child will be like in the future. Therefore, this process will usually be more visible when the child is 5 years old and the tendencies that exist at that age are derived from the basic personality type. Even this type applies universally, for men and women in general, does not mean explaining things that are up to the character of detail.

Free Enneagram Test

We can take a lot of paid enneagram growth tests which are usually with consulting services and unpaid ones which usually only provide brief knowledge and tests with unique and interesting material. Here we will briefly explain what is in these 9 types.

  1. The Reformer
  2. The Helper
  3. The Achiever
  4. The Individualist
  5. The Investigator
  6. The Loyalist
  7. The Enthusiast
  8. The Challenger
  9. The Peacemaker
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Enneagram Subtypes

The first type is better known as a perfectionist, then the second type is known for his generosity. In contrast to the third type which usually wants to achieve so many achievements, which is very different from the fourth type which is so expressive. Then the fifth type who likes various kinds of mysterious patterns will be in contrast to the sixth type who always wants to be involved. The more spontaneous type of the seventh is somewhat easier to distinguish from the eighth, which is usually highly self-confident. Then the ninth type is usually always looking for positive things and providing opportunities to convince and grow. The key to enneagram growth is that each type has a different tendency towards other types of people. We also need to understand that sometimes in different conditions we will have different attitudes depending on the lines that have been built.

Enneagram Growth and Stress Lines

There are connecting lines in enneagram growth when integration or disintegration occurs. For example, in the case of a person with a type 4 personality in a stressful condition, they will act like a person with a personality type 2. These conditions allow us to clearly assess what a person does when in a certain situation. If we act as a leader in an organization whose members consist of several types, then instructions on what a type will do when experiencing stress will make it easier for us to predict the possibilities that arise and make it easier for us to make a decision.

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A person according to the pattern in his enneagram growth will have certain instincts. This will ultimately determine the leadership style to be used when given the opportunity to assume greater responsibility. The treatment for organizations in the business or social field of course has a slight difference. However, they also have similarities that can apply universally to some more specific fields. Analysis and diagnosis in determining the type of personality we also have to understand is very dependent on the conditions when the test is being carried out.

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