Personal Development for Smart People: Different Approach

Reading books is indeed a positive good habit that we must have. In designing personal development for smart people for yourself, don’t forget to include this as one of the activities you do every day, so that brilliant and creative ideas always come to achieve the goals you have set. Everyone has different natural intelligence in different fields. Some are better in the field of language, some are in the field of mathematics, some are in the field of music or visual skills.

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The emphasis placed on personal development for smart people is that the goals set must be ambitious because intelligent people are usually quicker to understand something which means they have the opportunity to achieve more in life. In fact, usually intelligent people become a place for their colleagues to ask questions so they can get inspiration and answer questions that usually confuse them. His experience and natural intelligence seem to make this person have many solutions for every problem presented. Of course, people like this have broad benefits for the public interest.

Steve Pavlina Quotes

As one of the most successful writers on the topic of self-development, namely personal development for smart people, it is only natural that many people want to find out what is on his mind. One of the things that is often expressed in various kinds of language variations are:

Conscious growth means aligning yourself with certain core principles which serve as growth accelerators.

The ideas expressed by Steve Pavlina are in 7 main points which are explained very interestingly, namely: Love, Power, Truth, Authority, Oneness,Intelligence, and Courage. If combined, then you will have a better life goal and you can more easily reach that goal every day.

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Steve Pavlina Books

In addition to personal development for smart people, some other titles that have been produced by this author are:

  1. Self-Discipline,
  2. How to Make Lots of Money (Without a Real Job) – Escape the 9-To-5 and Take Control of Your Life,
  3. How To Live In Abundance: Use Your Brain To Upgrade Your Thinking, Set Goals and Create Money, and
  4. Overcoming Negativity: Let Go of Toxic Thoughts, Recover from Negativity, Fuel a Healthy Brain and Nurture Yourself Through the Right Relationships.

If we look at some of the titles above, then we will understand that this writer is a very productive person and is diligent in what he does. This also proves that this writer implements the great ideas that he wrote himself.

Conscious Growth Club

If we join the right people with the same interests then we will have one frequency and can more easily get along and spend time together in that community. There’s a club that talks about the idea of personal development for smart people and tries to implement what’s there into a real thing. Because we have the same interests, the conversation will flow smoothly and we will deepen our understanding of a topic. Even if we finish reading the book, we will get the ideas we read and may get a different understanding from our point of view so far.

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By reading books we will get new inspiration so that we can see the world in a new way. We must know that the basic human instinct is to quickly get bored and dissatisfied with what you have. This of course is studied further in the discussion of personal development for smart people which is made so in-depth. By generating ideas and writing them down in a book, we make the knowledge bound and even eternal as long as there are people who can still read the book. That’s what makes there are so many ideas generated by philosophers are still used today.

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