Personal Development Plan: For Your Needs Or The Organization You Work For

There is a very close relationship between personal development plan and the opportunity to achieve success. Rarely is success that can occur without prior planning. Usually even though the plan has been made in detail, there will always be deviations from the plan. But of course there are deviations that we can still tolerate because they are not too far away from the original goal that we have set. We certainly will find it easier to monitor everything that is done if everything is well documented.

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Various kinds of personal development plan models have been made with various versions and priorities to be emphasized. Some make it like a building blueprint made in such detail, that anyone who reads it should have the same interpretation of what to do. A systematic approach like this for most people is too complicated, because they might prefer something simpler, but can be done routinely. They think it’s better like this than they have given up in the beginning because imagining what they are going to do is so complicated and too draining of energy.

Personal Development Plan Example

If we are confused to determine which one is the best we can get, then we just imitate the best personal development plan we can find and then change it little by little and then adapt it to our individual needs and conditions. Usually we will get information that is generic and universally applicable to many conditions. There’s nothing wrong with discussing this with your peer group and discussing it in detail and trying to be open, because usually for a good focus group discussion, each individual involved must actively contribute. There will be many new perspectives that may have escaped your attention.

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Personal Development Plan for Employees

A good organization or company will occur if every worker in the organization makes every effort to contribute and move to do work in accordance with the goals set. As humans, of course we have to grow every day. Therefore, we need personal development plan so that every worker can develop according to the company’s goals. Do not let the workers in our organization actually do something that is contrary to the goals of the organization. If this happens, then there must be a ‘stick’ mechanism that must punish the worker, just as there must also be a ‘carrot’ mechanism when a worker succeeds in doing something in accordance with the company’s goals.

Personal Development Plan Template

The use of existing generic templates is indeed able to help us work and plan more quickly. But the bad news, there is no template that is really suitable for use in the organization we run. In terms of personal development plan we need to examine in detail what the challenges are and what kind of organizational goals we want to achieve. In fact it will take so much time to align the vision, there are even organizations that are so focused, that within a certain time, say 2 weeks, they invite a department and everyone there stops working temporarily to focus on this.

Previously we discussed articles that discussed personal growth. I hope you agree with the point of view that is there.

Personal Development Plan PDF

After experiencing the discussion, it will usually come to the recap period which means the development process has reached the final plan. So then to make this work, often every organization needs to remind each of its members to always stay on the corridor that has been set. Evaluation becomes important to assess whether the final results that have been determined in the previously defined process are appropriate. The results of the evaluation will be carried out as input in making personal development plan in the next period.

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