Individual Growth: Slowly Changing You To Be A Better Person

If we are faced with a truly competitive situation, it is important to understand the individual growth we have done in the past. Because no matter what position you enjoy right now, it is the result of what you have worked for in the past. Because indeed the definition for this phrase will have a different effect on each person. There are those who consider it a technical ability, but there are also those who associate it as a kind of soft skill that can be a complement to the technical abilities we already have.

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Even though this is the era of collaboration, if individuals in a system are not able to present their best, new problems will arise. Therefore, it is important to always have a program in individual growth so that both from a technical and softskills side, it continues to increase. If we always experience improvement from yesterday, then of course in the long term, we will reach a point so far away that it is difficult for many others to imitate.

Personal Growth Definition Psychology

Everything related to humans mentally will be a study of psychology, including in this case individual growth. Sometimes we are very experts in a field, but we have limitations in one thing, namely knowing ourselves. Sometimes we don’t need to force things that are our weaknesses and then give a perfunctory emphasis to cultivate the abilities that are our strengths. In this case we need to need help from others to describe how we look from the outside. It would even be better if we contacted an expert in this field. Because basically our mental health will also affect our physical health. As we get older we will understand this more and more.

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Explain The Importance of Personal Growth in Life

Indeed, life is not going to run smoothly. There will be challenges and big events that can bring deep trauma to us, including tragedies that will imprint in our brains and hinder us from doing individual growth. If we just let this happen then we will be stuck in a position and we can’t do anything else. We can train a lot of fear in the face of trauma or situations that bring memories to it. Always use the services of experts who do have academic qualifications for this. Empirical science will help us face problems more boldly.

Importance of Self-Development and Personal Growth or Individual Growth

The knowledge that we have about individual growth may not be as deep as that of the experts, because indeed they spend most of their time studying it and discovering many new findings to make the process of achieving goals more effective. Humans by nature want instant results, and can quickly get bored or tired if they are not constantly reminded of their purpose in life. If someone does not realize that being a person who is always growing is a necessity, then that person will become skeptical in dealing with this life. If someone is already skeptical, then whatever he does will not bring much benefit.

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Why is studying and doing individual growth important in your life? People who do not have a purpose in life will usually be empty and bored. Sometimes spiritual things can help a person get a purpose in life. Because basically people who are religious will serve their religion well. Worshiping God also usually has a broad spectrum so that it can have a positive impact on other aspects of life. Because the human brain is usually easier to associate things and find a single pattern that can be used in various fields.

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