Key Points Of The Goal Setting 4dx Concept That Help Leaders Achieve Planned Goals

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Stephen R. Covey is indeed an expert who has spawned many accurate ideas on how to achieve the expected productivity and achieve predetermined goals. Maybe this is interesting to discuss side by side with goal setting 4dx which also has an important role in this popular strategy execution framework. This concept basically focuses on four things: Focus, Leverage, Engagement, and Accountability. This concept is especially useful for executives who lead large-scale organizations, especially those with a large number of complex activities, each of which demands to be carried out and completed as soon as possible.

Moreover, if we talk about the figure of a leader, then someone should help him to implement which priorities should be planned. Even for activities that are in quadrant 2, for a leader who is really busy, he can delegate to someone he trusts. Especially if the resources to do this are available in abundance. In order to objectively assess priorities in goal setting 4dx, it is possible to hold professional meetings periodically, for example once a week. Especially if you are in a truly dynamic business field, the developments that occurred in the previous week may have to immediately decide on the right strategy to deal with it.

In addition, the thing that dances about goal setting 4dx is that as much as possible we do something that we are sure we can finish. Maybe this feels a bit different because usually the focus is only given to doing activities that fall into the category of wildly important goals. Then there is another thing that states that top leaders have the power of veto, but there is no need to get too deep into micro management, because basically when you reach the level of a large organization, you are of course surrounded by people who are very competent in their fields.

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Another thing that is interesting about goal setting 4dx is how time plays a very important role. So that whatever operational activity is carried out, it must have time when it must be completed, because usually there will be follow-up activities that must be carried out as a result of the completion of the first activity. Don’t get too caught up in a task that doesn’t have a solution so that it just wastes existing resources, which should be used to perform tasks that are more likely to produce tangible results for the growth of the organization.

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What is also often discussed in goal setting 4dx is mapping with what are the leading indicators and lagging indicators. Even things that are included in lagging indicators will not be achieved if previously activities that are classified as leading indicators have not been carried out properly. This is important because at the operational level in the field, usually we will have a lot of focus distractions which in the end only makes the goals set by the company unable to be achieved properly. Don’t forget to also create a kind of dashboard that is made attractively so that people who read it feel at home.

Another thing that is also a concern of goal setting 4dx is how a leader manages meetings with his subordinates. Although it is usually important, many leaders are often trapped from so many meetings that they seem to have no other time to do things that are required, such as doing research and thinking about concepts on a thing. Get in the habit of holding meetings with not too many participants and if possible, don’t do the meeting empty, but only follow up on the coordination that was done before the meeting was held.

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