How to Manage Anxiety with the Get Self Help 54321 Technique

The presence of the get self help 54321 technique helps many people to anchor their mind and physical body to the present’s reality. Using this simple grounding technique helps you to manage emotions and thoughts so that they won’t be too overwhelming.

How the 54321 Helps with Anxiety?

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Unfortunately, we all have to face and experience anxiety. Our surroundings also play a huge role in making the conditions worse. In the end, we find ourselves getting disrupted by intrusive thoughts at 3 am.

Regardless of what you are trying to cope with, anxiety does one thing to you: pulling you out of the present’s reality.

It is also said that you’ve been putting yourselves in a condition that hasn’t been happening twice. No wonder if the thoughts may suffocate you on various levels. This is where you can put the get self help 54321 technique in practice.

Always remember that your body lives in the present, not somewhere your thoughts told you. As long as we can aware of the fact that we are living in today, we also can achieve better emotional health.

Anchoring Yourself with the 54321 Technique

This grounding technique is simple and doable in many ways, but the result will be powerful. It is like attacking anchors to the boat gradually.

Every time your thoughts take you to somewhere stressful, remember this get self help 54321 methods. Before executing the process, let yourself be mindful through your breath.

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5 Things You Can See

Start by looking for five things your eyes can see. It can be the color of your room’s ceiling or the shape of your toenails. It can also be the matte black of a desk lamp in your room or anything. Acknowledge things you see while you have those intrusive thoughts.

4 Things You can Touch

Bring your awareness towards things you can touch. For instance, the texture of your bedsheet. It can also be a cold flat surface of your wall. It will help to slow down everything that goes on in your mind.

3 Things You Can Hear

The next step of the get self-help 54321 method is acknowledging things you can hear. Just hear and no judgment. It can be the sound of your air conditioner or how you breathe also creates a specific sound.

2 Things You can Smell

You might feel like not smelling anything. However, some smells come if you try to sense them. Even air may have a specific fragrant. You can also sniff your blanket that might smell like you.

1 Thing You can Taste

At some point, you might be able to taste something, such as the lingering suggestion of your dinner, maybe?

When doing the get self-help 54321, you need to repeat the process several times. It helps to keep you in the present and facing reality, instead of struggling with your thoughts.

Some people also combine the grounding method with meditations and other similar things. Feel free to explore what you like in the first place.

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Your Mind is Effective When You are Calm

Of course, staying grounded doesn’t make your problem magically disappear in one night. However, it helps you balance your mind too.

Exploring all sides of your life might be challenging. But as long as you can manage your mind calmly, it is worth the effort.

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Bottom Line

Staying in the moment is the best way to battle and manage our anxieties. Most of the time, those intrusive thoughts might never happen.

Even if it happens in the future, it won’t be as bad as your thoughts suggested. Thus, practice the get self-help 54321 grounding method and keep yourself to live in the present.

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