The Enneagram Type 9 Self Improvement Reddit Advise On Improving Yourselves

The “Peacemaker” nickname for Enneagram Type 9 exists for a reason. 9s tend to wait for others first. Sometimes, they do those things too much that they become indecisive.

If you’re a 9 or you know someone who has 9 as their Enneagram type, brace yourself: This article about Enneagram Type 9 self improvement Reddit will advise you on what to do. So, you can be a much better person.

Follow these pieces of advice, and you shall have easier times to move to the healthy levels:

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  1. Be Assertive

“Be assertive” is the key to every Enneagram 9s’ self-development path. You may not have any difficulties if your 8 wing is strong. Even so, 9s tend not to assert their opinions for whatever reasons. Such areas are the living areas that you need to work on.

You need to remind yourself, over and over again, that it’s okay to have your opinion. Taking stands on the issues that belong to your passion doesn’t necessarily mean taking your focus away from mingling with other people.

  1. Work On Your Underlying Anger (And Speak Up!)

Avoid the “Whatever you do is fine with me” mentality. Even though you may mean patience, you should beware of the passive-aggressiveness in you.

Indeed, as the Enneatype that belongs to the Instinctive triad, 9s need to work on their anger issues. Here, in this article about Enneagram Type 9 self improvement Reddit, you’ll also get advice in managing your anger.

Unlike Type 8 people who tend to blurt out their anger, 9s tend to repress them. Often, the surprising anger blows out after many episodes of micro problems. So, it is why you should build in courage to speak up for what you need with your trusted ones.

  1. Work Out And Don’t Be Lazy
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Sloth is one of the Seven Deadly Sins that people often attribute with 9s. So, the next point of Enneagram Type 9 self improvement Reddit advice is to work out and don’t be lazy.

Whenever you feel lazy, remember that you are a living being. A living being can’t move the body. Your 3 and 6 arrows can help in motivating you to work out more.

Even though you are not busy, simply move around the room can help in activating your muscles. This advice works well when you have any Aggressive types (3, 7, or 8) as your partners.

  1. Practice Simple Decision-Making Games

The fourth point of Enneagram Type 9 self improvement Reddit advice for you is, to practice games that involve decision-making ability.

Many simulation games use uncomplicated engines like RenPy to create a one-of-a-kind “Choose Your Own Adventure” game. Since Type 9s belong to the most relaxed types, putting everything into exciting things (for example, games) can motivate them better than other Enneatypes.

If you can’t afford to buy games, you can make charts on what to decide every day. Narrow down your choices until you observe the ones you like. From there on, you can distinguish the patterns of your personalities even better.

We also have material about c&b goal setting which we have published previously. You may consider visiting there.

  1. Be Completely Present

The last point on Enneagram Type 9 self improvement Reddit advice is all about focusing your attention on the here and now.

Type 9s are prone to escape to their Inner Sanctum more than other Enneatypes. However, they are also the types of people who are most related to the Presence.

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Bring this asset to your advantage by focusing your attention on people and things around you. Make yourself available when you’re ready, especially with your loved ones.

In conclusion, the key to the Enneagram Type 9 self improvement Reddit advice is to have more diligence. After all, being diligent will lead Type 9s to be healthier.

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