Self Improvement 4chan: The Hard Truth You May Need

If you are active on a social media and you have joined many forums, you may be quite familiar with self improvement 4chan. Not only it talks and discusses about self improvement and also personal growth, but it is done in a modern manner. Often times, everything is done in harsh (but a matter-of-fact and true) words that may seem offensive. However, in the thought of modern people and those who are open about themselves, the threads about those self improvement topics are often true. Whoever posts those threads, they believe that sugarcoating their words won’t help. Instead, it will make things worse.

Self Improvement 4chan: What Is It All about?

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4chan is a special website, designed as an anonymous imageboard (English-language, of course) that was launched in October 2003. It was ‘created’ by Christopher ‘moot’ Poole. The site has many boards that cover various topics, from manga and anime to fitness, sports, politics, video games, literature, and music. There are still other subjects that are covered, displayed, and discussed in this site.

4chan itself was designed as the unofficial counterpart of Futaba Channel, the Japanese imageboard (known as 2chan). The first boards were set up for posting anime-related discussion and images. For some people, the site is considered a part (or even a hub) for internet subculture.

Inside the 4chan itself, there is the so-called 4chan /pol/ board. In this board, people are introduced (and encouraged) to self-improvement principles. Among the various contents (within the board), you can find threads of /sig/ that focuses on self-improvement principles. Although there are also other places that introduces or encourages /sig/ principles, somehow this self improvement focus on 4chan becomes popular and widely spread.

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Controversies and Arguments

Although the focus is on self improvement, there is nothing sweet about the posts of threads on 4chan. Those with ‘weak’ heart aren’t supposed to access the threads. The main focus is about rejection to modern life’s effects, including distraction, consumption, and addiction, especially when pursuing glory, struggle, discipline, knowledge, and fitness. The main purpose is to:

  • Build and then maintain physical fitness
  • Quit additions
  • Become learned (and be open minded) in many areas
  • Gain practical and valuable skills
  • Build meaningful and true relationships with high-quality and skilled people
  • Embrace (and not be afraid of) the struggle’s principle

In short, people should be able to understand the struggle and hardship of life, especially in pursuing success and achievements. They shouldn’t be afraid of those obstructions, but embrace them while developing a way to cope with those struggles. In 4chan, the principle of self improvement is to develop oneself to stay in opposition of complacency, hedonism, and weakness that result from modern life.

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For instance, one of the threads is about stages needed for self improvement. Basically, everyone needs to be discipline and ascent. You need to go with the first stage first if you want to go further with the second one. It’s about taking control of yourself, instead of letting your vices control you.

Another thread is talking about laziness and how you must stop making excuses for it. If you can’t live up to your full potential, then you shouldn’t rationalize it. Ambitious is important, and acting on your ambitions is crucial to combat laziness.

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Final Words

Again, most of the threads aren’t for those with sensitive heart and faint mind. Reading those posts and threads is like getting a slap across your face (and heart), but then again, if you don’t life to beat you up, then such slap on facts would be crucial and important. Of course, you can get other sources for self improvement and self growth elsewhere, but if you want the hard-truth one, then the threads on self improvement 4chan can be quite helpful.

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