The Importance of D&I Goal Setting in Small and Large Scale Organizations

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Currently, there is a trend of people wanting to know about d&i goal setting because many companies that have grown to be bigger are confused about the management of their resources so that they are in line with stakeholder goals. Indeed, trying to understand what diversity means in a company we’ve built ourselves from scratch is a difficult task. Even just to equate perceptions and goals can be an impossible thing to do if we don’t think carefully. Without a common goal, the companies we start and spend a lot of time there can get lost in a jungle of uncertainty that makes things much worse.

Of course, the company’s goals must be clearly defined, including the processes that must be carried out to achieve the goals in order to be able to manage resources properly. This is where the d&i goal setting scheme becomes important. With different interests, there are many directions that we can go, but in recent years, we have seen a lot of big big companies especially in the technology field who have to finally focus on target numbers which are quite challenging especially with the diversity that exists. . Many companies publish that their companies are very diverse as evidenced by statistics and demographics and try to be transparent in this regard.

In the case of d&i goal setting, there is no better way to find out how workers are feeling than to ask them directly about this. What is their experience and attitude towards salt owned by the company and how it can inspire them to make a better contribution. But of course the diversity that exists must have certain conditions, such as technically each employee has met the qualifications, so we need to emphasize this in more detail in the recruitment section in our company.

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In the implementation of d&i goal setting, if along the way there are obstacles to conducting a survey of workers throughout the company, then we can start from smaller parts, but generally represent the specific conditions in our company. Especially now that we are already using email, we can easily capture each of our workers’ circumstances, even at a very detailed level. Start with something broad and then slowly start approaching things that are more detailed. So that the implementation can be better, then we can paste the QR Code in many public spaces such as canteens, meeting rooms, and rest areas so that they can be free and not interfere with their routine work. Also give them the opportunity to be anonymous and give workers the freedom to express themselves without fear of being judged.

If the steps in d&i goal setting have been completed, top management can immediately follow up on this with concrete steps and workers can immediately feel it. Because sometimes conducting surveys like this creates momentum that must be maintained properly. After that, the common goals must be formulated taking into account what the stakeholders want.

Basically everyone wants to be a good person and contribute to a big impact which in the end will make that person have self-actualization at the top level. The use of d&i goal setting can help with this so that the goals that have been set can be pursued collectively and collectively. Strategic matters will usually be a guide in doing more technical things, because the defined formulas must be given clearly and in detail but not to technical matters. Moreover, if we are already in a state of leading workers with tens of thousands of people, then there will be many issues related to diversity that should not hinder the achievement of the goals set by the company.

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