Decision Making Model Definition: More Structured and Faster Application

The understanding that we have about decision making model definition will greatly determine ourselves as individuals or part of an organization to get the most appropriate decisions and be the best solution for all existing problems. Of course, every decision we take will have a certain effect, it may have advantages and there must also be disadvantages. No decision is absolutely perfect, but we will choose from among the available alternatives the one that has the greater impact on strengths and with the least amount of weakness.

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In addition to a good understanding of decision making model definition, of course a good leader must look for ways to make decisions quickly and accurately. Especially in a world that is very dynamic and competition is so tight, we must be able to take advantage of every momentum well. The good news is that now there are lots of tools that can make us make decisions instantly. Some frequently used examples are as follows: Rational Decision Making Model, Retrospective Decision Making Model, Recognition Primed Decision Model, OODA Loop, The Ladder of Inference, and Paired Comparison Analysis.

Along with the increasing experience we have in a field, it will deepen our knowledge about decision making model definition. Because each model offered will basically be more appropriate if used in certain conditions. As if a chef who is proficient in cooking, we liken this model like cooking spices. How many spices we mix the ingredients will make the results of the dishes that characterize the Chef. If we are already well-known for the models we often use, then it will make it easier for our subordinates to find the most appropriate data to use in making quick and successful decisions. Knowledge in blending spices will certainly be born from deep experience in a field.

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There are several matrices that we can use so that what we understand about decision making model definition can be more effective. If we have to compare a decision alternative with other alternatives then we must also consider how many resources we have. In general, every person or organization certainly has limited resources, so choosing the minimum resources to produce maximum output is universally applicable. Sometimes we have to sacrifice our ego in order to achieve a better goal as long as it is supported by really valid data. Don’t forget to be flexible too with the latest developments so that everything can be more focused on solving problems and achieving common goals.

Now we can easily find many official journals in the field of business decision making that are more appropriate, so that our understanding of decision making model definition will be richer after reading many journals related to that field. If in the decision-making process we experience things that are balanced and equally strong, then the leadership must make a decision on which one is the most appropriate. However, when we are still in the process of finding ideas, we just let all group members express opinions that are supported by valid facts, then we accommodate all decisions. When it has been decided, then everyone in a room must support it, because it has undergone a process that is appropriate to it.

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Under certain conditions, a person will have their own version of decision making model definition. Moreover, to arrive at a conclusion usually takes a long time, because the focus and time we have every day of course must also be divided into several small parts, all of which we must pay attention to. Someone who is used to making decisions quickly will certainly be surprised by people who make decisions in a very long time. Perhaps the last-mentioned person doesn’t have the data and experience needed to make decisions more quickly.

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