Some Basic Information About Decision Making for 99214

In medical services or care, all services provided are labeled with a certain CPT code to make it easier for the medical party to record and also collect information about the services you receive. The following are some things about decision making for 99214 code.

What is CPT 99214 Code?

decision making for 99214
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Common procedural technology or often shortened to CPT is a code used by medical personnel to label every service or treatment they perform. This code is very important to record the treatment that must be received by the patient and also to explain how severe the level of complaints the patient suffers.

CPT codes consist of 5 numbers which usually start with 9. However, there are also some CPT codes which consist of 4 numbers and 1 letter. You will often find this code when applying for medical insurance. Later the insurance will find out what type of treatment you get through the information from this code.

Basically, the cpt code 99214 is a code that is used to indicate an office visit that needs to get management and evaluation. This code will help medical personnel to determine decision making regarding treatment and also what steps should be taken to treat patients with this code.

Decision making for 99214 already has its own explanation that can be used as a guideline for doctors. This code is very useful so that doctors will have a guide on what actions they should take.

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The Decision Making for 99214 Code

If you get code 99214 as a fast code for your service or treatment, then medical personnel will perform 2 of 3 key components in medical services.

In the medical world, there are at least 3 key components in patient care or treatment. The code is history, exam, and also medical decision making.

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When making decisions for 99214, medical personnel must prioritize detailed history, detailed exams, and finally moderate complexity for medical decision making. Code 99214 is the second highest code in the CPT code classification regarding services and patient treatment.

When To Implement Decision Making for 99214?

Decision making for 99214 will be implemented for patients who meet the following criteria:

  • If the patient complains of new symptoms or complaints that are experienced with the potential for significant and untreated morbidity. This also applies to the potential for misdiagnosed morbidity.
  • If the patient has complained of the same complaint or disease for more than 3 months.
  • If the patient complains of new symptoms or diseases that require prescription for treatment.
  • If the patient has 3 diseases or complaints that require medication refill. Or it could be if the patient has 1 disease or stable complaint that is not well controlled and also requires medication adjustments or medication refills.

Decision making for 99214 is not only important for medical personnel to know. The general public also needs to know about this information because this CPT code will usually appear very often in medical insurance claims. Later the service or treatment that you receive and submit to the insurance will be labeled with this CPT code.

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