Nailing 03.04 Goal Setting, Some Interesting Things About It

Have you heard of 03.04 goal setting? Well, this method is suitable for those who want to reach their goals but have no idea where to start.

The good news is that the method is applicable for any kind of goal. It consists of several steps, each step will bring you closer to your goal.

03.04 Goal Setting

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As mentioned earlier, there are a series of steps you need to get through. Goal setting is very common in health and athletic journey, but feel free to try regardless of your objective.

Those steps you need to fulfill are such as:

#1 Identifying your goal

When it comes to the 03.04 goal setting, it is crucial to identify your goal. Write it down because you need to.

For example, you want to be a Masterchef. If you want to be the best chef in town, what would you do? And if you don’t fight then you won’t find a way.

The future might be far away, but you being prepared is always the best thing you can give to yourself.

#2 Analyzing your current position

This stage of 03.04 goal setting is also where you reflect on your current position or where you are right now. Of course, you need to be somewhere that will help you to achieve your goal.

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Let’s say that you are not in a Culinary Arts Class. The class teaches you the entire fundamentals of being an owner of a restaurant. This is a great thing, right?

However, regardless of where your position is at, it is crucial to acknowledge the information.

#3 Benefits of the objective

What are the good things about your goal? Would it make you better at something?

Since you want to be a Masterchef, you should make a list of those benefits. For instance, by being a Masterchef you will know how to cook.

And if you can cook then you will work at a well-known restaurant, which will make about USD 100.000 annual salary, not to mention that you do something you love too. You will use the 03.04 goal setting to arrange your dream.

#4 Obstacles

Every dream comes with obstacles, or you can call it challenges. You must write them down too.

For instance, you cook well but you haven’t learned about cooking vegetarian meals. Learning this special skill may allow you to be open to any opportunity.

#5 Knowledge

What knowledge would help to achieve your goal? To be a Masterchef, you can start from:

  • Operating the equipment
  • Learning specific duties and techniques, like cutting, flipping, etc.
  • Studying an effective way to run a business.

#6 Action plan

In this stage, you need to make a list of actions or performances you have to do to achieve your goal. It may look like this.

  • Taking all courses about Culinary Arts
  • Attend a university majoring in Culinary Arts
  • Work harder to own a restaurant
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#7 Timeline

According to the 03.04 goal setting, writing your timeline will keep you on track. The timeline of being a Masterchef from your current position might look like this:

  • Finish culinary classes
  • Enroll to university majoring in Culinary Arts
  • Graduate from uni
  • Open your restaurant

#8 Achieve your goal

And the last step is reaching your goal. But remember that this is just one particular goal. You still need to live your life entirely while celebrating your achievement.

We also discussed about self esteem rn#96741 in the previous article which can add a little insight to you.

Self-belief is another thing you need to hold onto when it comes to pursuing your dream and aspiration. Also, remember that you have come this far not only to come this far; this life is a journey. And this is how you hone your self-improvement with 03.04 goal setting.

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