All About Goal Setting E Prestazione That You Need To Know About

Goal setting e prestazione” literally means performance-based goal settings. It is a concept that most athletes and people in the sports industry know. Nonetheless, it becomes one of the most crucial aspects of everyday lives now.

There are tons of benefits that you can get through the goal-setting processes. Here are some of them:

  • You learn to focus more as you set goals for yourself every day.
  • You can improve your skills and knowledge.
  • You will be able to work on your commitment-related issues.
  • You can employ learning strategies that will support your everyday life.
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However, you can’t achieve such benefits without having the things you require for the goal setting e prestazione. Self-confidence is the primary thing that you need. Without an adequate level of self-confidence, you will live your life with a loser mentality.

A loser mentality doesn’t only lead people to think that they are inexperienced and unskilled. The distrust of one’s abilities ultimately puts people into a negative spiral.

The spiral starts from negative expectations. Then, it moves to the false beliefs of failure and insecurity. After that, it goes back to negative expectations and so on.

Motivation and commitment are two things that you need to eliminate such mentalities. Doing these actions will make you closer to the goal setting e prestazione that you need to do.

Goal setting also needs to fulfill the “SMART” criteria. It is an acronym for “Specific”, “Measurable”, “Accessible”, “Relevant”, and “Timely”. Here are what each of the acronyms means:

  • Specific: The goals shouldn’t create ambiguity or any loopholes for misinterpretation.
  • Measurable: The goal-setters should use objective measurements to measure the success of their goals instead of the subjective ones.
  • Accessible: The person should be available for the times they set their goals.
  • Relevant: The goals should be neither too easy nor too difficult to achieve.
  • Timely: The goal-setters should set a definite time for each of the goals.
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In goal setting e prestazione, such a “SMART” framework works well when you couple it with the goal setting processes based on the periods.

A goal can belong to either one of the short- or long-term goal categories. The shorter the goals’ terms, the more stimulating, realistic, and specific they should be.

For example, tennis player should judge their goals to improve their serves for each match on a scale of zero to ten. Such goal terms are different from football management teams who want to project the budget for transfer players for the next three years.

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The Goals Table is functional for athletes to set goals. It doesn’t only serve as a reminder for athletes. Filling out this table will help athletes establish the degree of commitment for each goal.

There are two phases that athletes and the entire sporting teams should undergo in using this goal setting e prestazione table.

The first one involves identifying the most recent technical or psychological objectives that the entire management should have. The second one is all about the athletes’ ways to define the goals they want to achieve regardless of the goals’ terms.

At the end of each athletes’ performance, there will always be an evaluation step. The Likert scale isn’t the only scale for evaluating.

Instead, the evaluation step is all about the time frames, too. The sporting management should evaluate the short-term goals every 30 days, while the long-term ones may require up to six-month evaluation.

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So, those things are all about goal setting e prestazione that you need to know. Be sure to refer to this article when you feel confused about the ways to set goals as an athlete.

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