Time Management Quadrants Covey: A Method That Can Be Applied In Various Fields

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Indeed, as part of professional life, we will face so many tasks and challenges that each of us must solve. Sometimes we really feel very confused about what we are doing, and which one we have to finish first, that’s why we need time management quadrants covey, to make our work easier. Of course we don’t want most of the time we spend just to take care of trivial and small things. As one of the experts who is an expert in this field, of course the recipe that has been formulated can be universally applicable and we can apply it in everyday life.

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If we talk about time management quadrants covey, then basically we are talking about division of tasks into 4 quadrants. The division is as follows: Quadrant 1: Important and Urgent (Do it as soon as possible and make it a top priority.); Quadrant 2: Important and Not Urgent (Do it after the work in quadrant 1 has been completed or is in a safe position); Quadrant 3: Not Important and Urgent (Delegate tasks that fall into this quadrant to people you trust.; and Quadrant 4: Not Important and Not Urgent (As much as possible avoid and do not spend time on these activities).

Indeed, sometimes various kinds of activities can change according to their respective conditions, so we must always review the time management quadrants covey list that we already have and set beforehand. It could be that a job that was originally in quadrant 1 in the extreme turns into a job that becomes quadrant 4 for example, because indeed we no longer act as people who are responsible for something. Especially if we are working in a field that is so dynamic that changes can happen so quickly.

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Being a person who is always more productive every day and prioritizes various types of work is indeed an important thing when we manage a business, both in small and large sizes. Because basically every human being has the same 24 hour allotment, it’s just how we spend that time that distinguishes us from others. For this reason, knowledge of time management quadrants covey is very popular and is even formally established as a rule in many business and social organizations. If we can successfully apply this to our daily lives, then we might turn into a more successful person in the future.

Although it has been introduced for a relatively long time, time management quadrants covey is still relevant to use today and even seems to be something evergreen. In fact, this method is something that has made many people successful in achieving the goals that have been proclaimed. But in reality, not everyone is able to do this. For this reason, there are various kinds of applications that we can use through our smartphones. Moreover, all the activities we do every day, especially during the pandemic are never separated from our smartphones or laptops/computers. Because not everything that is done at home is basically nice to do.

A wide variety of career options are available today which even in the previous decade was not a job that you might have imagined would be able to make a lot of money. This new profession can also be made easier if we also adopt time management quadrants covey which can indeed apply universally to various types of work. In fact, we can also use this in the arts and creative fields which may in your mind is a very irregular job and relies heavily on mood to be successful. In the vast majority of cases, success will not come to lazy people.

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