Time Management Evaluation Comments: 8 Great Information

Time management evaluation comments. Performance appraisals, let’s face it, are not something employees, or their managers look forward to. Why is this?

It’s quite obvious from the employee’s perspective. People tend to be anxious about their upcoming performance reviews, as they may hear less flattering comments about themselves.

They can agree or disagree with negative appraisals, but they are still in a position where they have to defend their case or admit fault and find ways to improve. It’s not easy to do either of these things in the company of your boss.

A manager’s view is a different one. Managers should be willing to give feedback about their performance, but they will not always listen to the employee they are talking to.

Managers might not like performing performance appraisals for many other reasons.

Perhaps it is because performance appraisals are often very difficult. Each employee is unique, making it difficult to find the right words to say to each one.

Maybe they have trouble delivering negative appraisal comments even though they know they are necessary. It’s not easy to convey your message in a professional manner without disempowering an employee.

time management evaluation comments image
time management evaluation comments

It doesn’t matter what your perspective is; everyone benefits from a prepared performance appraisal. It is important to tailor each review to the employee.

However, you will still benefit from the handy appraisal comments bank that can help you get started and customize the comments.

These appraisal comments will be very specific. That’s because they’re intended to be!

For each topic, we have included three examples of “Positive” and two examples of “Needs Improvement.”

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Please note that all comments indicating “Needs Improvement” are constructively phrased.

  • By being an example of good behavior and role modeling, you demonstrate a commitment to the company’s values and encourage others to do so.
  • Your team will benefit from your guidance and accountability.
  • Your team is motivated and working towards its goals.
  • You have the ability to manage your time and be a team player.
  • It is a sign of teamwork that you can listen and also contribute to the ideas of others.
  • Your ability to build positive relationships between team members has made it easier for the team to work together better and remain focused.
  • You are able to listen well to others and offer valuable insight.
  • Your opinions and instructions should be presented in a clear, objective way without appearing self-serving.
  • In situations in which opposing opinions are being discussed, you must remain open-minded and constructive.
  • You have a remarkable ability to transform problems into learning opportunities.
  • You are willing to see problems as opportunities, not roadblocks, and to work with others to solve them.

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  • You are able to find innovative solutions for unexpected problems.
  • You are able to consistently achieve or exceed your goals, and you take pride in your achievements.
  • It is possible to set ambitious goals and achieve them effectively.
  • You are willing to ask for help and use any resources necessary to reach your goals.
  • Your exceptional organizational skills are evident in your ability to efficiently absorb and categorize new information.
  • You can demonstrate your high level of organization by the speed at which you complete all tasks within tight deadlines.
  • You are always looking for new ways to improve administrative effectiveness.
  • It is rare to be able to prioritize tasks based on importance and make the most of the time you have.
  • You are able to find the best ways to maximize your time and meet deadlines even in a busy job.
  • Be mindful of your own agenda and other people’s time limitations.
  • You are eager to learn new skills and are open to learning them.
  • Positive attitudes toward new protocols can have a positive impact on the people around you.
  • Accept responsibility for your mistakes and use them to improve yourself.
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Every employee is unique, as is every workplace. To maximize employee effectiveness, it is important to personalize your appraisal comments.

You must also be able to constructively express negative appraisal comments. The appraisal comment bank is not meant to be a complete solution. However, it can help you get started.

Time Management refers to the ability to allocate time slots for activities based on their importance and urgency in order to make the most of your time. Few Examples:

  • A master at time management, he is always on time and on-target with the assigned tasks.
  • Excels in prioritizing work and avoiding endless details
  • Even under tight deadlines and pressure, you can generate more work than you expected
  • No matter how urgent the situation, customers leave positive feedback about turnaround times
  • You can trust us to complete urgent work with no compromises on quality or precision

It can be stressful to review performance reviews every year. It can be difficult for leaders to accurately describe the behavior of employees.

We have listed over 100 performance review phrases to help you. To make it easier for you to find inspiration, they are organized by category.

Friday makes it easy to have regular conversations. This allows you to share your feedback with others, and not just for the review and appraisal of performance that occurs once a year.

Check out our playbooks to find success. Important conversations should not be delayed.

Regular 1-1s is a must, and it is important to establish a feedback loop. Do not let the wheels fall off the wagon.

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A second thing to remember is that your performance review should focus on your behavior and not your personality. You can change behavior.

You should also document the behavior. It is better to bring it up right away than to do a performance review.

Here’s the disclaimer. These phrases should not be copied verbatim for the love of all things.

Your employee owes it to you to take the time to review their performance and to consider their overall performance. High Output Manager will teach you how to effectively conduct a performance review.

We really hope you are satisfied with the article we wrote about time management evaluation comments above.

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