The Deliberate Intent to Draw Creative Inspiration From The Composer’s Own Homeland is Known As

The deliberate intent to draw creative inspiration from the composer’s own homeland is known as. Classicism as a stylistic period in western music generally covered the period… between 1750 and 1920.

The characteristics of music from the classic period (5) End of Basso Continuo – Piano (gradual dynamics) Flexible time -“singable” melody homophonic texture

Social organization in the classical period. The rise in the middle classes

What instruments comprised the orchestra during the period of classical music? (5) Strings, a pair of horns and woodwinds trumpets and the timpani

What is the typical pattern of movement in classical string quartets? Fast, slow, dance, fast

Parts and components that make up Sonata form Recapitulation, Exposition, Development

The components of Minuet form ABA also known as the scherzo (too quick to be danced to) Triple meter, moderate speed

The components of Rondo forms ABACA, ABACABA, often used as the finale. The primary theme is simple to remember

Beethoven extended the section of the sonata’s _______ form movement, until it was the 2nd development Recapitulation

the deliberate intent to draw creative inspiration from the composer's own homeland is known as image
the deliberate intent to draw creative inspiration from the composer’s own homeland is known as

The classical concerto is different from the symphony by the fact that it does not contain the… minor movement.

A fantastic solo in a concerto that is designed to show the performers their virtuosity…”cadenza.”

How can sonata form be adapeted for the concerto during time of the classic period? Double Exposition

A _____ plays is stage play that is set to music and performed to an orchestral soundtrack including costumes, scenery and even action. Opera

Solo voice songs with orchestral accompaniment is known as… Ritornelli

______ is the vocal line imitating the rhythms and patterns of speech. Repetative

What do you think is Don Giovanni? A character from an opera by Mozart who is man whore and self-centered.

What is the plot the musical Don Giovanni? Don Giovanni is a famous hero who struck anyone, he gets into the room of Donna Anna and raped her, then she screams at her father is there, Don kills him and in the end, the father returns to life and is dragging Don to hell since Don Giovanni is unwilling to confess his transgressions.

Western music’s romanticism covered the period… from 1820 to 1900.

The composer whose career became an example to many lovers was… Beethoven

Characteristics of Romantic Music (5) -Natural/Supernatural -Chromatic harmony -Expressive tone color -Range of dynamics, pitch, and tempo -Enlarged orchestra

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What was the evolution of the orchestra during the Romantic Period? (3) Increased in size – Double number of instruments -Much more brass section and percussion

The intention to draw inspiration for compositions from composers homeland is known as… Nationalism

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Instrumental music that is associated with a story or poem, idea or scene that was common during the romantic era is referred to as… Program Music

A _____ is an instrumental piece with a variety of movements that is which is based to a certain extent on ideas from literature or pictures. Program Symphony

A______ is an one-movement orchestral piece in a series of parts that draw on ideas from literature or pictures. Symphonic poem

The term _____ is often used to describe romantic art sons with German text. Leid

A song of art is composition of music to which “instruments”? Piano and solo voice

When the same melody is played for every verse in the poem, the composition is referred to as… Strophic

If a composer composes new songs for every stanza poems, the composition is called… by-composed

The songs of Franz Schubert’s include over.. 600

Schubert was just 18 when he wrote his Erlking song, which was that was set in a poem written by… Wolfgang con Goethe

The design of Erlking is Erlking can be described as… by-composed

The relentless piano rhythm in the Erlking brings together the various songs’ episodes and suggests an… horse’s galloping. the horse.

The Erlking in Schubert’s tune that has the same title, is a symbol for what? Death

Describe the characteristics of music in the 20th century (6) -Percussive sounds -Extreme pitch range New instrumental techniques (col leg no-hitting string with wood part of bow) -Emancipation of dissonance -Polytonality/atonality -Irregular/Unpredictable rhythm

The most well-known music-related riot took place during Paris in 1913, during the very first performance of which work of music? It was the Rite of Spring

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What is an 4th chord? The 4th chord is a step away instead of the 3rd

A chord that is comprised of tones just one half or full step away is called… Tone clusters

The absence of a key or tonality in a composition of music is referred to by the term… atonality

The movement of Impressionism was created in which country? France

A significant impressionist composer? Claude Debussy

Two major impressionist painters? Monet and Renoir

Stravinsky met the director of the Russian ballet back in 1909; and his initials were… Sergei Diaghilev

The second phase of Stravinsky’s work is commonly called… Neoclassical

Le Sacre du Printemps (The Rite of Spring) is an example of what music style? Primitivism

What is an Ostinato? A musical phrase repeated repeatedly in an arrangement

Stravinsky radicalally altered his music style the year 1950 to shift to what style of music? Serial techniques

What is the term utilized to refer to the specific arrangement of 12 different chromatic tone in a composition of 12 tones? Polychord

Schoenberg created a unique way of singing, that is halfway between singing and speaking known as… Sprechstimme

How many is the most recent (and old) direction did music adopt in the years following 1945? (3) Increased use of the 12 tone system -Liberation the sound system -Electronic music

What is a piece of music that is purely chance? Music that is just happened to be created (by chance)

What are the main characteristics of music that are minimalist? (3) Simple -tonal -repetition of musical cells

The concept of the prepared piano was developed by which composer of the 20th century? John Cage

Answer: Nationalism

CPE Bach and _______ are two most significant pre-classical composers.What are the date ranges of that Classical Era?
Three composers are considered to be masters from the classical era.
T/F Composers during Classical times continued employ the technique of terraced dynamics in their compositions.
T/F The bassocontinuo was gradually discarded during the period of classical music.
T/F Classical composers emphasized harmony and clarity of structure.

The T/F J. Haydn’s contract of employment confirms the fact that Haydn was treated as a competent employee.
T/F Economic and political power changed during the period of classical times from middle class to Aristocracy and the Church.
The characteristics of the minuet’s personality.
Verdi was a student of music at the Italian city of _____ where Italy’s most famous opera house is located.
When a composer creates the music in a new way for every stanza an original poem, the structure is referred to as ______.
Two writers of lyric poetry who were popular with romantic composers.
T/F Schubert was the very first great master of romantic art of song.
The symphonic poem , also known as a tone poem, a single movement composition for an otchestra which is in some way influenced by concepts of pictorial or literary origins and was developed by
The number of tunes did Schubert compose.
The story of the play of Pucccini’s La Boheme, Rodolfo is an innocent in the play of Pucccini’s La Boheme, a young.
The opera that made Puccini famous was ________.
Rigoletto The title role in Verdi’s operetta, was an ____________.
Choose three of Mozart’s masterpieces from Italian opera.
Haydn was blessed to have a the opportunity to enjoy a long and prosperous and financially secure relationships and the prestigious Hungarian family of ______________.
A concerto is an extensive work that has multiple movement for _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
The lyric slow motion of a symphony is often the ______movement.
T/F A symphony can be described as a musical composition composed for solo instruments and orchestra.
T/F Symphonies are music composition for orchestras, typically with four parts.
The first movement in a classical Symphony is usually fast and in a _________form.
A/F musical instrument was not employed in compositions for music after the period of classical music.
T/F A common rondo pattern is ABACABA
The Rondo form is frequently mixed with elements of the sonata form to create the sonata-rondo.
Determine the elements of a sonata movement
The piano pieces of Liszt’s are characterized by. (at at least three aspects)
T/F Liszt was the embodiment of the romantic movement as He was a charming personality, was a creative composer, and was an incredible performer.
Even when Smetana was deaf, he composed music that depicted Bohemia’s most important river, the _____. (name)
The T/F Bedrich Smetana founded Czech national music.

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We hope you get the answer to this question from the statement we bolded above regarding the deliberate intent to draw creative inspiration from the composer’s own homeland is known as.

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