The Content Of Self Improvement General 4chan You Should Know

When we think about self-improvement topics in general, we’ll think about something revolving around people’s well-being. In particular, mental and emotional well-being are the aspects that we often correlate with such topics.

The same thing doesn’t apply for self improvement general 4chan. In 4chan, the general self-improvement topic is under the Politically Incorrect section. Such sections and topics apply even for 4chan’s derivatives, such as the ones in Telegram or 16chan.

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True to its name, the Politically Incorrect section is the forum’s section that lets the members discuss ideologies, histories, and current events according to their political views. Hence, the /sig channel for self-improvement generally correlates with the political(-ly incorrect) aspects.

Since the political world is highly physical, self improvement general 4chan focuses on improving physical well-being. Even the indoor gym training is different from other channels that present similar topics.

Combining running and walking is the key to 4chan’s indoor gym training. You’ll need to commit six weeks to gym training. By the end of the week, you’ll see how vastly you improve, and you’ll start enjoying more of the workout sessions.

You’ll start by running a quarter mile, walking for another quarter of a mile, and repeat twice. Keep on jogging and running as you add a quarter mile for every week that you’ve passed. In the sixth week, you’ll have the chance to bump it up to 1.25 miles.

Such workouts are integral to ensure your success in another /sig step. That step is to plan a family. In this step, you’ll need to find a wholesome waifu or husbando. They are not in a bar, nightclub, or similar places.

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Only then that you can raise strong men and respectable women who can accomplish the aim of self improvement general 4chan. Specifically, your goals are to defeat the jews in the World Bank and Hollywood industries.

Even the universal practicing a kindness act aligns to the politically incorrect jews elimination mission. For example, to be a better person (or “politician” in terms of 4chan), you shouldn’t act like a nigger, steal, rob, or vandalize.

Humiliating women in the name of feminism or other forms of euphemism is strictly prohibited. Instead, your focus should be more on the things that build you. Those things are your hobbies and the acts of writing and crafting different things.

Start your businesses and always do your businesses in truthful ways. In applying the advice in self improvement general 4chan, you need to pay attention to your eating ways.

Feminized products, such as soya, are the things that you should avoid eating. Instead, eat lots of organic meats and fish while lowering your carb consumptions. At some points, you may want to try intermittent fasting according to the 18/6 window.

Paying attention to your hygiene levels is yet another crucial step in improving yourself the 4chan way. It’s not enough to only brushing your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes.

Doing it the self improvement general 4chan way also means trying your best in making your toothpaste. In addition, you can also make a DIY version of mouth spray by combining baking soda and essential oil.

Previously we also had an article about q significa self-esteem, I hope you are interested in reading it.

Avoid aluminum salt or other toxic ingredients in your hygiene product. In particular, you’d want to do this for your deodorant products.

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In the end, you’d want to entertain your mind by reading self-help books. Joining a community of people who wish to overtake the jews community will also help you in your 4chan self-improvement journeys.

Stay off from Jewish tricks such as buying cars and other lucrative goods. Instead, practice ancient self improvement general 4chan methods such as the 10-minute meditation.

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