Self Growth: Unique Facts That Make You More Successful

A person’s career life must be planned well and carefully, so that we can do small tasks for our career needs. In practice, self growth is needed so that we get closer to our goals. Some do this by continuing to read every day. Because by reading we will expose ourselves to more knowledge. Apart from that, you can also try to learn a new language. In addition to knowing and understanding new knowledge that may not exist in your native language, mastering a new language means that we can communicate with more people without any language barrier.

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Another effort in terms of self growth is that you can find a new hobby. So true. By having a new hobby you will start a new adventure. Indeed, with a new hobby you will usually spend more to cultivate the new hobby, but a good side effect of this is that you don’t feel bored and want to climb the level of knowledge per rung from the beginning again for the new hobby. When you enter a new world, your horizons of thinking will increase which means opening yourself up to many possibilities that were previously unthinkable.

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Another thing in self growth that you can apply is to take paid training in new classes. It may seem wasteful, but believe me, by sacrificing a little of our resources, we can achieve much more. You don’t even have to go through a bad and tiring thing, because if you have something you want to know, all you have to do is ask and the expert you’re taking the course to will be happy to answer, because it means you’re interested in what he’s been doing all this time. There will be a sense of being known to the presenter which seems to also help self-actualization from the speaker’s side.

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Creating a certain space of inspiration where if you were there you could express yourself freely, could be something that also contributes to the growth of self growth. If you are a neat person then make the furniture neat. If you like a minimalist atmosphere, then design it in such a way that there are not too many items in there. Furthermore, if you like creative ideas, then make the room a mess, because in that room you are free to do anything. But if you are in another room, you may always have to be a neat and well-organized person.

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Sometimes fear is a very disturbing thing and prevents you from becoming a better person. Reading a book about self growth can make you get rid of that fear because indeed if we know something, we will be more courageous in facing this life. Because basically every day we will always be faced with problems, and we have no other choice but to face these problems with a clear mind and common sense. If we procrastinate then we will become protracted and drain our energy more and longer.

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We usually make excuses that we still have plenty of time to complete a problem or task for us to procrastinate. Until finally we arrive at the last second of time when the task must be completed properly. This is certainly bad for the self growth we had planned. You can gradually reduce this by getting up more each day. Although it sounds a little strange, but this will make us appreciate the resource in the form of time that we have. Even when we wake up more, we can do light exercise that makes our bodies feel much healthier.

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