Self Esteem Maslow: The Secret of Understanding Human Self

What is included in self esteem maslow has been used in many ways, because it has been tested in many cases. There are 5 (five) stages that explain basic human needs. Basic needs consist of two things, namely physical needs such as air, food and others, as well as the need for security as well as physical and psychological. After achieving these two needs, then psychological needs such as a sense of friendship and love. Then followed by self-confidence and achievement of something. Then the peak is self-actualization which has achieved all the maximum potential and creative needs.

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If we understand self esteem maslow then there will be many things that we understand about humans. Including when you become an investigator for example. We will know basic human instincts and so on. Everyone in the organization certainly has a need for this too. When you first graduate from college, of course, the main thing is money in the form of salary so you can meet basic needs first. After achieving anything else, there will be a time when a person feels the need for self-actualization. This will be measured by the great impact given by a person to the organization or the larger civilization of mankind.

If you want to go deep into self esteem maslow, then you will gain an extraordinary understanding of dealing with other people. If you are a great leader, then this will greatly assist your task in achieving organizational goals. Moreover, a leader is certain to be in contact with many people and even in addition to doing important things, leaders also have to do things that are not comfortable, such as dealing with conflicts and other problems that can be very stressful. If we understand who we are dealing with and know the position of their level of need, it will be easier for us to take a stand.

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If we look at self esteem maslow a little further, and realize that there are people who are pursuing a dream or such a high creative state, we will realize that that person is pursuing the highest stage of self-actualization. Not that only rich people can achieve this, but there are people whose basic needs are so few that they are satisfied with being fulfilled, they don’t have to know how to fulfill them. You may remember Van Gogh who did something very rarely done by humans in pursuit of self-actualization.

At least by studying self esteem maslow we can know ourselves better. You will get a very detailed concept if you read the original book. Indeed, studying psychology will be very useful for what we understand about humans, because basically humans are very unique and inconsistent things, so an empirical approach must be taken to prove this. Especially when it comes to clinical psychology where we usually have to study strange and difficult people. However, there are still quite a number of people who doubt some of Maslow’s findings. But won’t all branches of science always be in doubt?

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People who have achieved success in life certainly want to share because it will bring greater benefits to more people. This can be done by making an autobiography. By writing the story of your life, then what you do will be eternal and remembered by many people for all time. People who have been successful and self-actualized well do not necessarily understand self esteem maslow, but experts who observe it can provide useful explanations for others who want to try to understand human life. We can draw conclusions from what we experience to generalize something so that it can be applied to a wider field and more people.

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