Self Esteem Kahoot: Change Starts From Small Useful Things

Sometimes self esteem kahoot is needed, especially if we often fill events with various themes. Giving games and quizzes in the material session can make the presentation more interesting and interactive. Especially for things that are really heavy. Often if learning is only one way, the audience will get bored quickly so they will not consider the subject matter as a useful thing. Admit it or not, reading, listening and writing are ways of learning that are still widely used today. We don’t yet have the technology that is able to transfer knowledge from one person to another like we move files on a flash drive.

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By using the template from self esteem kahoot we can create many quizzes of any kind. Learners will be happy because they seem to be inviting us to compete with each other. Maybe if we just ask and then other people have to point up to answer it’s too mainstream so that something like this is needed so that all students can participate properly. As a presenter or teacher, we will be happy if we see the audience or students are very enthusiastic about the material we present and can even reap many benefits from it.

The author even predicts that the company that produces this self esteem kahoot can gradually become big. Like the company that produces Zoom Meeting, which during the pandemic increased tens of times the value of its shares. What we need to understand together is that to be big, a company must also have a big impact on its consumers. The bigger the solution offered, the more expensive the company’s value will be. This is what is usually asked of people who have just graduated from college while working, that they want to be part of a company that has a big impact on society.

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Even if we are creative we can use self esteem kahoot for audiences who are still in school age. Of course the material we provide also adjusts to that age. The good thing is, the various kinds of images and themes that exist in these services also support learning even to children who are still toddlers. Of course, by looking at the various possibilities that can be given, the thing that is basically limiting is only your creativity. If you have obstacles, then we can see from the various examples of quizzes that have been produced by other people.

When giving material online, many people also use self esteem kahoot and then give quite interesting prizes to the participants. However, usually the obstacle in this condition is the internet speed, which is usually very diverse in the audience. It could be that those who live in developing countries will experience difficulties because the existing infrastructure in that country is still not reliable to provide high speed internet. However, the delay that occurs is not very long, but also long to make a difference regarding who will be the champion in the class we are managing.

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We can also add interesting and funny images when using self esteem kahoot. Imagine the benefits that can be obtained by the audience after participating in the quiz that we present. They may have wider expectations after getting small entertainment as well as tangible benefits. Change is indeed easier to accept and make if it is carried out continuously and with small movements. If you go straight to big things, it will usually be more difficult and require a longer process. For example, when you want to lose weight, it is better to do small but frequent exercises rather than strenuous exercise but only do it once because after that you immediately get bored.

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