How to Improve R/INTJ Self Esteem

Humans on this earth have their own personalities. But even though they are different, human personalities have many similarities with each other depending on the type. One type of personality that exists in the world is the INTJ. In this discussion, we will discuss how to improve r/intj self esteem.

INTJ Personality

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Before entering into a discussion about some steps or things you can do to improve r/intj self-esteem, you must first know what the intj personality type is.

Intj is a very rare personality type. It is estimated that only about 4% of the human population on earth has an INTJ personality. People who have an inner personality are known as logical and creative people.

In fact, people who have this INTJ personality type are often referred to as strategists because of their logical and creative thinking skills that make them great analytical. But not everyone who has an inner personality will necessarily be analytical. This is only the main thing that is found a lot and is also a characteristic of this personality type.

One of the main characteristics of individuals who have an INTJ personality type is that they tend to be aloof when compared to other people or personality types. This is not surprising considering that intj stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging.

So that this can be one of the things that must be considered so that it does not become a weakness and also disturbs the lives of people who have an INTJ personality type.

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R/INTJ Self Esteem

People who have an INTJ personality type are more likely to have low self-esteem when compared to other personalities. This can be due to their less open nature and prefer to close themselves, so that if in the social aspect, they may feel insecure.

Because they prefer to be isolated and also hang out with only a few people, they may find it uneasy to be placed in social outings that involve many people and also at events that require them to appear in public.

This makes r/intj self esteem one of the things that must be considered by people who have an intj type personality. But of course this does not necessarily apply to all people who have this type of personality, there are also people with intimate personalities who like to get along and can also have good self-esteem.

However, this case is a general case and occurs in many individuals, so here we will provide tips on how to improve the r/intj self esteem.

How to Improve INTJ Self Esteem

In short, when you want to improve your self-esteem, you must first know what things make you have low self-esteem. Is it because you are insecure about some things in yourself, or because you are just not used to appearing in public or hanging out with a lot of people.

If you already know what are the factors that cause you to have low self-esteem, it will be easier for you later to fix it. For example, if you have low self-esteem because you are not used to social situations that include many people, you can get used to attending these situations.

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Of course the process can start slowly, you don’t have to force yourself to do things that you are not comfortable with. But if this is necessary and important to build your self-esteem, then you should try it slowly.

Eliminating or reducing the factors that make your self-esteem low is one of the best things you can do to improve r/intj self esteem. In addition, you can also read some self help books and also look for tips on what can be done to increase self-confidence.

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