Process of Strategic Human Resource Management: Facing The VUCA Era

Whatever field of business you are in, employees are the ones who determine whether a team can develop further or not. Therefore, in the process you must consider the development of the human resources you have. To answer this, of course, requires process of strategic human resource management to be more precise in setting goals and carrying out daily tasks. The main problems for employees are about remuneration, compensation, and benefits. But that doesn’t mean we only take care of it, especially now that all companies must have a good Human Capital System so that the administrative process can run more smoothly.

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Although they usually have their own directorate, decisions regarding process of strategic human resource management will require a quorum of all directors. Because if something happens that requires accountability, it is well legitimized. Especially when it comes to state money or companies owned by the state, things like this are vital as an umbrella for future lawsuits. Don’t let someone’s good intentions turn out to be bad just because they don’t comply with the previously established procedures.

The direction of the business world when glorifying Agile makes every thing have to adapt, including process of strategic human resource management which consists of various elements. The right analysis process will always be needed which will always be supported by a series of valid data. As a material presenter, it is important to display an attractive and targeted dashboard so that the general picture of a problem can be properly observed. The current function of the Human Capital unit is not only dealing with administrative matters, but the mindset must be to become a more sustainable Business Partner in the future. However, not all companies can do this well.

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If we apply process of strategic human resource management appropriately, it will increase the level of employee engagement with a valid measure, because basically the company does not view employees as cash cows, but also partners to develop further. If employees develop with various abilities, the company will also get a lot of benefits from this. Work culture must also be taken seriously and get support and encouragement from top management. If an important thing is made by a small unit, and top management only approves it without taking it seriously, then the values formed will not be properly internalized by all employees.

Companies that are initially small and then develop into large companies sometimes have to have many revisions related to process of strategic human resource management. Because at first the Human Capital function was not considered important and only served to satisfy administrative needs. However, after the company develops into a large organization, serious attention is needed so that the career paths and facilities obtained by employees are in accordance with the company’s development. Companies that have big names will find it easier to attract the best talent to their organizations because people who join there hope to get a very adequate income.

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What also needs to be noticed from process of strategic human resource management is that the training provided to employees should not only support hard skills. There is nothing wrong with employees choosing something completely different from their main field. The thing that must be grown is a growth mindset, especially if someone is already very expert in a field, then participating in training according to his field will only repeat the same thing. We don’t need to be too intense in teaching fish how to swim because they are already experts in a field. However, if someone is not really deep in a field, then it’s okay to always be fed by things related to core abilities.

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