Leadership Personal Development Plan: Make Things Easy

Using leadership personal development plan which is already neatly organized will certainly be good in terms of implementation because everything is well organized. Because basically a person’s leadership capacity can increase as long as his experience is far beyond that of other people. Therefore, sometimes choosing someone to be a leader is not just looking at academic abilities and hard skills, but also having to look at the experience of organizations with almost equal capacities in the past.

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How to make good decisions and make subordinates want to carry out what has been mutually agreed upon is the basic thing that must be the main concern in leadership personal development plan. In addition to how to lead, which is usually different, there are basic things that must be met, for example, how to stay focused on the main goal of a job even though there are lots of things that need to be done immediately. Of course, what is also seen is not how long he has led, but how effective and efficient the leadership has been.

Leadership Development Goals and Action Plan Examples

Some of the things that are the focus of leadership personal development plan can be summarized in the following ways:

  1. How to determine which tasks should be delegated to subordinates, which should be done alone.
  2. Build new relationships for professional needs.
  3. Make a must-have core hardskill to an advanced level.
  4. The difference between the ideal level of leadership and what you have
  5. What are the main things that must be prioritized so that the goals can be achieved more quickly.
  6. Determining the various kinds of daily tasks and their indicators a task can be classified as successful.
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Action Plan to Improve Leadership Skills

We can also plan technical matters related to leadership personal development plan so that it can run well. For example, regularly holding meetings with subordinates to explore the conditions for carrying out tasks, whether there are obstacles that must be solved together, or each is in the process of being resolved. It could also turn out that we have to schedule meetings with major suppliers and consumers to be able to explore what things can make the company we lead better. Sometimes we even have to schedule meetings with regulators so that our company will always be a company that complies with the rules made.

Leadership Development Plan Ideas

In looking for ideas for leadership personal development plan sometimes we also need feedback from our subordinates, colleagues on the same level, and also our superiors. Because basically what we do will be seen by these people. We must not be frogs in a shell and look at ourselves with the horse’s glasses. In addition, if necessary, we should take time and reflect on what we have done. Is there anything we do that is contrary to the goals we want to achieve? In fact, basically we still need a mentor, especially one who is much more experienced than us.

We’ve discussed personal development psychology that can inspire you.

We must be careful in choosing what training we will take with regard to leadership personal development plan. Usually fields in specific industries have the most suitable trainers. Because the approach given will be different if someone for example becomes a military leader, or becomes a mayor when compared to a business leader whose main goal is to maximize profit. Even if we are in the petroleum exploitation business, or a game development company, we have a completely different approach. Usually there will still be things that apply universally, but isn’t it better to know something that is definitely doable for a specific industry? Because basically we are planning for the future to be better.

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