John Maxwell 15 Laws of Growth: The Formula That Has Been Proven Success

John Maxwell 15 laws of growth becomes an interesting discussion because it has been proven to change the lives of many people to be extraordinary. Of course, something that has been proven to work for many people means it has advantages that other programs don’t have. We will try to explain these one by one. The first law is the Law of Intentionality. We must have a strong desire to be successful. Face every fear that arises so that it creates a sense of wanting to master and eliminate that fear. Start with being honest about who you really are at this point.

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Next is the Law of Awareness which means that we must analyze why we do the things we are currently doing, including why we like something and why we don’t like something. What makes you satisfied and what makes you disappointed. This can sometimes be the most difficult part of the john maxwell 15 laws of growth to do. Then the next one is Law of the Mirror which the point revolves around when you are in front of the mirror, are you satisfied with what you show there? This self-acceptance process will grow over time.

John Maxwell 15 Laws of Growth Summary

The next thing we have to understand in john maxwell 15 laws of growth is the Law of Reflection which says that what you do basically comes back to you and has an effect on your environment. Therefore you must be careful when you will do bad things, because it will come back to you. The next thing is the Law of Consistency which means that no matter how small what you do at this time, it will have extraordinary results in the future. Big things that we only do once and we leave the effect will be lower than small things that are done consistently.

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Law of Growth and Development

The next thing from john maxwell 15 laws of growth is the Law of Environment. Do not let you choose the wrong league in which you play. Because if we have succeeded in the Serie C league for example in Italian football, then next you have to move up to series B or series A. Because if you always succeed and stay in league C, it means you are wrong in choosing competitors, because showing means you are not develop. Then don’t forget the Law of Design, in the sense that you have to strategically plan the things you do, because life is basically not a game or a friendly league, but really an official and calculated competition.

4 Important Laws of Growth

The downside of john maxwell 15 laws of growth is that you also have to deal with the Law of Pain, which most people will likely avoid. Believe that conflicts that occur if faced with a positive will make you a better person. Then there is also the Law of the Ladder which we can interpret as the progress that we make must take each step in sequence, because it will bring a better understanding when you are at the peak of ability and self-actualization. For example, you want to be a leader in a political party, so if you go straight to the top of the leadership, you will not know the dynamics that occur in the organization, so when a problem occurs you will make decisions that should not be taken.

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Furthermore, there are several sections in john maxwell 15 laws of growth that are quite interesting, such as the Law of the Rubberband, Law of Tradeoffs, Law of Curiosity, Law of Modeling, Law of Expansion, and Law of Contribution, each of which if done and applied properly will speed you up achieve pre-agreed goals. This process will be much easier, if you have partners who have the same vision so that they can remind each other if there are deviations along the way.

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