How Much Does a Pharmacist Make a Year: Your Ultimate Guide

How much does a pharmacist make a year. Some questions related to how much does a pharmacist make a year made some parties more serious.

Based on 2,080 hours of work a full-time worker can expect to work in a year, the annual average salary is $59.45 per hour. The annual median salary for pharmacists was $87,790 (42.21 an hour), while the top 10% earned $161,250 (77.53 an hour).

The type of healthcare industry will affect the average pharmacist’s salary.

Alaska was the most highly paid state for pharmacists in 2021, with an average annual median salary of $139 880 ($67.25/hour). California is the state with the most employed pharmacists.

It has an estimated 30,950 pharmacists earning an average annual salary of $139 690 ($67.16 per hour).

Depending on the facility, the pharmacist may work more than forty hours per week. The pharmacist may be required to stay on campus during and after severe weather or disasters, especially in hospitals.

Callbacks may also be required.

The pharmacist fills and processes prescriptions, including order entry, insurance, and prescription information.

A pharmacist works closely with patients, prescribers, and peers to prescribe the right, fiscally, and clinically appropriate medication. The pharmacist manages inventory to ensure that the right amount of medication is stocked.

How Much Does a Pharmacist Make a Month

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how much does a pharmacist make a year

The average annual salary for a Hospital Pharmacist in the United States is $125 838. Salary estimates are based upon 41 anonymously submitted salaries to Glassdoor by Hospital Pharmacist workers.

To view Hospital Pharmacist salaries for your location, you can filter by location.

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pharmacist employment is expected to remain stable, with only 100 jobs lost between 2018 and 2028. Even though employment isn’t increasing, it isn’t falling.

This is a great thing because the average pharmacist salary is very high in the United States.

We’ve assembled a summary of the average salary of a pharmacy worker in every state using occupational data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2019. For a complete breakdown of the salaries of pharmacists in each state, read on.

The bottom ten states in which pharmacists earn the least are at the opposite end of the spectrum. This list includes states located mostly in the Midwest, including two in the South and two in the Northeast.

One is in the West.

These states have seen significant increases in the salaries of pharmacists over the past five years. Although these salaries are lower than the national average for pharmacists, they still exceed the average income of all occupations in these states.

Iowa, for example, is the fifth-lowest-paying state. However, pharmacist salaries have increased 13.5% between 2013 and 2018, well above the average.

How Much Does a Pharmacist Make an Hour

As of October 29, 2021, the average hourly wage for Pharmacy Interns in the United States was $18. However, the typical range is between $16 to $20.

The hourly rate of a pharmacy intern in the United States can vary depending on many factors such as education and certifications, additional skills, and how long you have been working in the field.

It has the most accurate online compensation data.

Pharmacy technicians are health care providers who provide pharmacy services. They usually work under the supervision of licensed pharmacists.

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Pharmacy technicians can work in many locations, including in retail, hospital, and community pharmacies. However, they may also work for third-party insurance companies, long-term care facilities, or government agencies.

The job entails dispensing prescription drugs to patients and providing instruction on how to use them.

Pharmacy Technician 1 supports a registered pharmacist in the support activities and processes necessary to dispense medical prescriptions. Collects, inputs, and verifies prescription and refill information.

As a Pharmacy Technician, I receive and incoming stock supplies. You may prepare labels or routinely prepackage orders.

The Pharmacy Technician II can also be expected to do some administrative duties related to the department. A high school diploma or equivalent is required.

Reports to a manager or supervisor. May require Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT).

Pharmacy Technician 1 has a basic understanding of the job’s aspects. Work under the supervision of the senior person responsible for the function.

Pharmacist Salary in U.S. per Month

A Pharmacist working in the United States usually earns around 128,000 USD annually. 64.100 USD (lowest), to 199,000 US (highest).

This is the average annual salary, which includes housing, transport, and any other benefits. The salaries of pharmacists can vary depending on their experience, gender, location, and skills.

Below is a breakdown that takes into account many factors.

The median annual salary for Pharmacists is 128,000 USD. This means that 50% of those who work as pharmacists earn less than 128,000 USD, while 50% earn more than 128,000 USD.

The median is the average salary. The median is the middle salary value.

You would prefer to be on the right-hand side of the graph if you are in a group that earns more than the median.

Two values that are closely related to the median include the 25th and 75th percentiles. The salary distribution diagram shows that 25% of Pharmacists earn less than 86 500 USD, while 75% make more than 86 500 USD.

The diagram also shows that 75% of Pharmacists earn less than 163,000 USD and 25% earn more than 163,000 USD.

Tyler, Vallejo, and Santa Maria are the most lucrative metropolitan areas for pharmacists.

In 2019, the average salary for pharmacists was $125510. In 2019, comparable jobs earned the following average salaries: Physicians earned $203,450, Dentists earned $178,260, and Registered Nursings earned $77,460.

Pharmacy Technicians earned $35,250.

Starting Salary of Pharmacist in USA

The amount a pharmacist makes depends on many factors, such as where they work, their academic background, and the type of employer. This detailed analysis of the U.S. pharmacist salary will help you prepare for this demanding and highly paid career.

Continue reading to learn more about the salary and outlook for pharmacists.

The nation has a constant need for pharmacists. With the rising use of prescription drugs, pharmacists play roles beyond just being pharmacists.

According to BLS, there were 315,470 pharmacists in the country as of May 2019.

Pharmacy careers are highly competitive. Entry-level jobs can be very competitive. The average starting salary for a pharmacist is $85,210.

The low starting salary may seem to deter some, but the experience you get will allow you to grow your pharmacy career and eventually make higher pay.

Your work experience will have a significant impact on the amount of salary you earn. An annual salary of $85,210 will be your starting salary in the early stages of your career.

You can earn up to $112,690 if you have 1 to 4 years of experience. If you have 10 to 19 years of experience, your earnings will increase to $147,690.

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If you have 20 years of experience or more, you could earn $164,980 in a big paycheck.

We are back with our annual salary guide. These how much does a pharmacist make a year guides are provided each year to help you understand the best pharmacy jobs and assist you with any negotiations for a raise.

Although pharmacy doesn’t see a significant increase in salaries, the pharmacy pay remains consistent across all other areas. The U.S. has very low pharmacy unemployment.

The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted in 2018 that pharmacy would see little or no growth between 2018-2028.

Pharmacy is still a respected career, with an average salary of $125,000 per year (though that can vary from one source to another).

Pharmacist Salary CVS California

Retail Store Associates are an important part of the CVS Health family. CVS Health is shaping the how much does a pharmacist make a year future of health care for individuals, businesses, communities, and families.

Your talents and expertise can enable us to play a greater role in meeting each individual’s healthcare needs. Join our thousands-strong team to impact millions, one customer at a positively.

A Retail Associate is a position that allows you to positively impact the lives of others by working independently or as part of a team.

The average salary at CVS / Pharmacy is $29,144 to $118.332 per year. Pharmacy pharmacists make the highest average how much does a pharmacist make a year annual salary at CVS / Pharmacy with $118,332.

Pharmacy technicians make the lowest with $29,144.

The Specialty Clinical Pharmacist supports the translation, configuration, and testing of prior authorization protocols.

The Clinical and Business Support Specialist will assist in developing and operating the medical claims and prior authorization platform (Novologix) clinical functionality.

This individual will collaborate with key stakeholders across the enterprise to coordinate efforts in client implementation and maintenance.

This individual will also work with clients and customers to ensure that the how much does a pharmacist make a year system meets client needs and has a clinically and financially meaningful impact on them and their families.

Entry Level Pharmacist Salary CVS

Pharmacist prescribes drugs according to physicians’ orders in a hospital setting. Talks to medical staff about possible drug interactions, the patient’s medical history, and how certain medications are used.

As a pharmacist, you can answer questions about medication and dosage instructions. Assures that all pharmacy information is properly recorded and maintained.

It also ensures compliance with all hospital, security, and regulatory requirements.

Additionally, Pharmacy technicians can supervise pharmacy technicians. A doctorate in pharmacy (Pharm.D.) is required.

Reports to a manager. They are required to be a Registered Pharmacist.

The years of experience required by a pharmacist may not be specified. The main how much does a pharmacist make a year requirement is certification and licensure in the specialty of the position.

Certified pharmacy technicians (CPHTs) are licensed pharmacists’ assistants. They work in hospitals, large clinics, or independent retail pharmacies.

They are responsible for accurately measuring and labeling drugs and ensuring that dispensary reporting is accurate and up-to-date.

Walgreen’s Pharmacy and Wal-Mart Stores Inc are the top responders to the job title Certified Pharmacy Technician. has the highest average salary at $15.96.

The average pharmacist’s salary in the United States is $119686 per annum, or $57.54 an hour. The lowest 10%, or $106,000 per year, earn less than the top 10%, who make $134,000.

Like most things, where you live can make a difference. The highest salaries for pharmacists are found in how much does a pharmacist make a year California, Oregon, and Washington.

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Pharmacist Starting Salary

It seems that 2018 brought some much-needed positive news for pharmacists. reported that the average pharmacist’s salary in the United States was $129,718 on October 31, 2018. This ranges from $121,998 to $138,520.

This figure is 4.5% higher than the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ May 2017 annual salary of $124 170.

According to the BLS, 17,400 new jobs will be created in 2016-2026. It’s easy to see why demand is outpacing supply when you consider the 14,502 professional degrees awarded during the 2016-2017 school years.

The uniqueness of pharmacy is also that its graduates leave college with six-figure salaries that allow little room for growth. The most important how much does a pharmacist make a year consideration for anyone working in a pharmacy is not the salary.

What can you expect in 2019 from your pharmacist salary? This information will help you plan your financial future and understand current trends in the industry.

Experts continue to point out that the perceived shortage in pharmacists is caused by an aging Baby Boomer generation, increased chronic disease, and increasing demand for medication.

My research has shown that it is difficult to prove there is a shortage of pharmacists. This is because we tend to use symptoms rather than facts and numbers to support our cases.

While the demand for pharmacists doesn’t seem to be decreasing, pharmacy growth is indeed slower than other healthcare professions.

The reality of the pharmacy industry tells us that demand is affected by pharmacy location, geography, experience, skills, and many other factors.

The Pharmacy Demand Indicator, for example, showed that growth was slower in the how much does a pharmacist make a year south than it was in the west.

The PDI also predicts that hospitals, non-retail settings, and physician’s offices will grow faster than mail and retail pharmacies.

Pharmacy Week reports overall that salaries have increased, but retail positions seem to be trailing other positions.

The report’s most notable feature was the first-ever decrease in retail pharmacists’ base salaries compared to 2017. This is the first time a retail pharmacist’s base salary had fallen since 1995 when the survey was started.

The most trusted health care professionals are pharmacists, and they also rank among the how much does a pharmacist make a year highest-earning. What is the actual salary of pharmacists? This topic is something I’ve been researching since 2011.

Although it isn’t all about how much you make, being a pharmacist is part of the how much does a pharmacist make a year equation. While I can speak from personal experience regarding my salary, it is taboo among pharmacists and most professionals.

I want to talk about the salary of a pharmacist. Although you can find salary information online, it is not possible to determine if the salary of a pharmacist will vary based on where you live, your industry, and your years of experience.

It is still a good idea, even though it may not be the best thing for you. You can start your search for a personal market value by using Glassdoor. BLS and other salaries are also good places to how much does a pharmacist make a year search for pharmacist salaries.

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