Goal Setting Statistics: Interesting Findings To Motivate You

A very interesting fact about goal setting statistics is that people who apply it more disciplined and do detailed directions every day based on that goal can be 10 times more successful than people who don’t explain anything like this at all. We, who are here on this blog, always provide an overview of the importance of the goal setting process which always starts with what specific goals you want to achieve during a certain period.

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Get used to it during a certain period, for example the turn of the year or during the start of the academic year or accounting year, we reflect on goal setting statistics, what has been achieved and which has not. If there is a goal that has been achieved, then we can analyze why that goal can be achieved, then look back at the completion target whether it is faster or slower than what we should have previously planned. Pay attention to the factors that cause why a target can be met sooner or later. Then do this repetition on targets that have not been achieved until now.

Goal Setting Statistics Harvard

Harvard as one of the best educational institutions in the world has given birth to many experts who have had a positive influence on the development of world civilization. Therefore, we must trust the goal setting statistics that they have issued, because usually in-depth research has been done. As academics, of course, they already have high scientific standards so that an idea does not only sound good but must be scientifically proven. Write down what your goals are. This is also recommended by Harvard. Then don’t forget to emphasize that I seem to have definitely achieved a goal, so that I no longer want to but I am.

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Goal Setting Research Findings

In goal setting statistics, of course the dreams we want to achieve must be clearly defined. If you want to be rich, then state how rich you wish to be. Write clearly for example you want to have 1 billion dollars in your savings account for example. Of course, every morning and night before bed, reviewing your various goals will make things more focused. We must always be reminded of what purpose we were born into this world, so that we do bad things that are not useful. In fact you will see a lot of this in the lives of people who are successful because of working hard in a certain field.

Harvard Business Review Goal Setting

In the process that we do we must be flexible, because this is also in the findings on goal setting statistics. Everything will be better and easier if the goals you want to achieve are in accordance with your interests, so that when you are in the process of making it happen you seem to be doing your hobby, it is not difficult to go through each process step by step. In addition, of course, you must carefully identify the reasons behind wanting to achieve a big goal.

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According to goal setting statistics people who always celebrate small successes in the process of achieving big goals, will be more enthusiastic in doing many things related to these goals every day. Celebrating it doesn’t have to be expensive, but it can also give us the freedom to do things we love even though it seems like a waste of time, such as playing online games for a whole day and not being distracted by other things that distract us. After entertaining yourself, then the next day you immediately focus back on doing what you should be doing every day.

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