Enneagram 1 Self Esteem: Better Task Completion

Talking about enneagram 1 self esteem of course we are talking about Performers who want to be people who stand out because they are full of responsibilities. Usually people with this type will be very hard on themselves and their families and try to make a maximum contribution to the environment and have a big impact on human life. Of course, people with this type have their advantages and disadvantages. It could be that if you have a big idea then there will be a lot of good things that are realized on this earth.

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Another thing to be aware of is that people with enneagram 1 self esteem usually don’t want to be given small jobs. This person will always want to be at the forefront of things which on some occasions can be a good thing, but sometimes we also have to make a contribution beyond getting our name out for credit. Who will be the followers if everyone wants to be the leader? Sometimes doing work without having to be a leader is also important as long as it makes a real contribution, especially if you join a large organization which usually also requires people with the ability to do specific tasks.

The confidence possessed by people with enneagram 1 self esteem will be needed, especially if they are working on a large or even impossible task. People with this type are usually willing to bear heavy burdens as long as they get appropriate rewards for the hard work they do. In many cases, this type of person really inspires many people so that the goals that have been previously set can be achieved optimally and optimally according to the resources they already have. A mix of each type is needed in organizations for good purposes.

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Sometimes the goals set for the organization change over time, but changing these goals can be a difficult thing for people with type enneagram 1 self esteem. Because you may have already explored a goal, it becomes difficult to change to pursuing a new goal, unless the old goal has been achieved with perfect scores. To deal with people like that, we usually need to give praise, even for the simple things they do. This will make the person more excited to complete the next task given to him. Even for a big goal, of course we will give a bigger form of appreciation.

Because it is a person with full responsibility, then we can give more challenges to people with enneagram 1 self esteem, and they will try their best even by giving more than what was previously set. In their eyes, they want to stand out and get more recognition from their surroundings is what makes them exist even more in the field they are involved in. But the bad thing is, even if a goal is impossible to carry out, this person will be very disappointed if he does not succeed in carrying out what was promised or what the person is responsible for cannot be completed.

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Understanding humans is indeed a very interesting subject. For this reason, psychology tries to provide the best with a long history. Of course, psychologists have arrived at the enneagram 1 self esteem grouping and have endured a long and complicated period of proving a theory. Therefore, it is not surprising that experts who provide training on this subject will usually charge a high price, because usually people who have been given an understanding of this will be able to organize their lives better because in dealing with other people they already know the formula.

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