All About CCI Self-Esteem Module 8 That You Need To Know

“Developing Balanced Core Beliefs” is the official title of CCI self-esteem Module 8. True to its title, this CCI module is all about the core beliefs of an individual. Furthermore, this module emphasizes the dangerous effects of having unresolved negative core beliefs and what to do about them.

People generally seek things to justify their core beliefs, regardless of whether their core beliefs are not constructive or not. These things eventually lead to the ways people evaluate themselves. Therefore, negative core beliefs don’t only lead people to think or act in negative ways.

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Additionally, they have negative self-evaluation as a result of negative core beliefs. The more rooted the core beliefs are the more severely damaged that person’s self-confidence. As a result, they may undertake the personal growth journey longer than other people.

The CCI self-esteem Module 8 seeks to restore those people’s confidence by encouraging them to journal their thoughts. There are many self-reflection questions in this module that we can learn. Identifying and adjusting negative core beliefs are two parts of the module that contain reflective questions for us.

In the identifying part, we focus on pinning down the most aching negative core belief by identifying negative life experiences that lead to many things.

CCI Self-Esteem Module 8
CCI Self-Esteem Module 8

Situations and people involved in life experiences are two things that should belong to the questions we ask ourselves. At some points, those people treat us and use words that impact us to seek faults in ourselves. Those things are the things that we’d want to cover.

We also got to identify subjective expectations in the same part. Questions such as things we can worry about if we don’t avoid our behaviors belong to this subpart.

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The next sub-parts of the CCI self-esteem Module 8 are all about negative self-evaluations, difficulties to promote balanced self-evaluations, and predicted outcomes if we don’t fulfill our rules. These sub-parts are related from Module 5 to Module 7 consecutively. So, we must have the whole Modules.

The adjusting part is yet another crucial part of the whole Module 8. There are five steps in the adjusting part that we have to undergo.

The first step is to choose one negative core belief that we feel we must work on. We can begin with how the negative core belief makes us feel as we record our answers to the worksheet questions in the identifying part.

The second step in the adjusting part of CCI self-esteem Module 8 is to replace the one negative core belief with the one that is more positive and balanced. The new belief can either be the opposite of the negative one or a more neutral view of self. We can treat these things as self-reminders for us that we don’t need to be perfect.

Thirdly, we ask ourselves a few more questions to examine the evidence of the old belief. After we ask things like, “Am I condemning myself based on my past mistakes?” the fourth step in the CCI self-esteem Module 8 is to support our new belief.

We can nurture our positive beliefs by doing two things. First, we increase the consistency of evidence that supports our new, positive beliefs. Second, we need to experiment and act accordingly to the one that we want to believe.

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By doing so, we don’t only create new opportunities to grow more healthily. We also learn to be more present, active, and engaged in life’s goodness. As a result, we learn to love and respect ourselves.

Finally, evaluating our beliefs is the last step we should do in the CCI self-esteem Module 8. We can get back to the worksheet and re-rate the beliefs. Then, we can see how much the ratings have changed.

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