Abundance and Prosperity Prayer: Using the Benefits of Another Dimension

Of course we have to look for other dimensions in our work that abundance and prosperity prayer will make us faster in achieving the goals we hope for. Depending on what your religion or belief is, the spiritual dimension will usually have a wider spectrum, as it makes us accept ourselves better. Moreover, if we make our work as a field for worship, then everything will be done well and earnestly. Those who do things like this will usually have families who support each other.

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A sense of humility and always grateful will usually provoke more sustenance, because this basically invites a positive attitude in facing various kinds of challenges in life. The right use of abundance and prosperity prayer seems to be a mantra because the repetitions that are done will give us a stimulus that what we do everyday is on track. Of course, not everyone is able to make good use of this, because it requires careful thought and assumes that this mortal life is only temporary. Therefore we will not justify any means to do things that violate ethical just to achieve what we aspire to.

Accumulating wealth as much as possible on the one hand can be very good but on the other hand if we do not use that wealth in the right way then our souls will feel empty. There are many examples of abundance and prosperity prayer that we can use according to the teachings of our religion, but in general the things that are in prayer are usually positive things and hope will be achieved well. We don’t need to blame the situation on our external self if indeed what we have made our goals so far has not been achieved, even though you have worked hard. Because it could happen that what you did was not right.

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If you are perhaps more concerned with common sense, without any spiritual dimension, then you can imitate what is in abundance and prosperity prayer and turn some parts of it into something motivating. Because if a word is done repeatedly, it will be internalized in us which in turn makes it well embedded in the mind. Usually other people will be able to see if we have advantages that are very visible in the financial field. Things that are symbols of wealth can inspire many people to believe in the idea that we are trying to transmit.

Money can’t buy happiness. But the thing you need to understand is that without enough money we cannot meet basic needs or things that can cause happiness in ourselves and the people around us. Things like this will usually be included in abundance and prosperity prayer as a reminder that in this life we have goals and needs that we must fulfill, besides that if we are married, we will have an obligation to make our children successful. Money is essentially value free. What we do with that money can be a bad thing or a good thing. For example, if we get money in a forbidden way then whatever we do with the money will turn into a bad thing too.

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Wherever possible always fill your environment with good people. This will apply universally and create a vibration that can instill in your mind that you too are a good person. If we do good things, the world will give us good things too. In the case of abundance and prosperity prayer, we are actually trying to convince ourselves that everything can be achieved. Indeed, a focused and confident mind in most cases will make you have more of a drive to achieve something.

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