86400 Time Management Activity – A Fun Way to Improve Your Time Management Understanding

The quality of time management in your company has a big role in your company’s growth. A company with a good time management system or culture will most likely succeed today. So, as the company owner, you must build a good time management culture among your employees. You can use professional help for this matter. However, you also can start it by having a fun time management activity with your employee. One of the best activities you can try is the 86400 time management activity.

How to Do It?

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This activity is one of the most popular time management games that people use to improve their time-management quality. Moreover, the 86400 time management activity is also easy to do. It does not require too much preparation and budget. With paper, pen, and device, you can do this activity with your employee or friends. Here is how you do it.

  1. Make a group that will play this game. You should play it with more than four people to make it even more interesting.
  2. After that, you ask each person that plays the game only one question. If they were receiving $86,400 that they can spend for only one day, how would they spend that amount of money? As you can see, that is the origin of the name of the 86400 time management activity.
  3. You also have to tell your employee that the money won’t stay until tomorrow. Any money that they didn’t spend will disappear.
  4. Now, you can ask them to write down how your employee spends that amount of money on a piece of paper. To make it feel more realistic, try to use your device to check the real prices of the items or activity your employee gets with $86,400.
  5. Once all the game participants write down their plans, they can read that plan one by one. Here, you can have a fun discussion about their spending list.
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As you can see, this game is easy to do. You also can have fun with this game, especially if you found some funny and even ridiculous answers from it. It also doesn’t require too much time to do. So, you can try it during the break or whenever you have the chance.

However, 86400 time management activity is not only a fun game to do with your employee. Behind the fun and excitement that you can get from this activity, there is a deep meaning you and your employee have to know. You need to convey this meaning to your employee to get the goal of this activity, which is improving your employee time management.

The Meaning of the 86400 Game

So, what is the true meaning of 86400 time management activity? We have to see the 86400 number in its name. It represents the number of seconds of a day. If you convert 24 hours into seconds, the result will be 86400 seconds.

Because of that, the meaning of this game is how you will use it every second of one day. You can show how each of those seconds can be worth $1 if you use it optimally. Moreover, the no carried over balance rule also shows that the time you have in one day won’t be repeated. Therefore, you should use your time wisely.

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The purpose of the 86400 time management activity is to show how important time management is. Best of all, you can do this activity for fun. And, that will open your employee’s minds and hearts. Then, when you reveal the meaning, we believe that it will also help them to change and use their time better.

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