How 8 Positive Attitudes RDAP Can Help a Person’s Correction Process

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8 positive attitudes rdap

The dark past is sometimes very bad and makes us have to bear heavy consequences for it. We may even do something so bad that it causes us to be imprisoned. It’s really sad when this happens. Our families will feel lost and also feel ashamed because of the bad things we do. But of course life must go on and 8 positive attitudes RDAP will be a guide for us and make people judge whether we have made amends for the mistakes we made in the past.

In this article we will discuss one by one the elements of 8 positive attitudes RDAP and even this we can use for the general public and judge others for certain interests. The first element we will discuss is HONESTY, which is which is the basis of all change and good deeds. Being honest is very important, because if you fail to be an honest person then you will most likely fail for various good things in the future. The next thing is HUMILITY, that is an attitude that recognizes that we are not everything and the greatest person in the whole world. Therefore, humility will be born and that will eventually make us become selfless. Humility can help us understand that the actions we take are based solely on what is right and wrong, not just considering what we can and cannot avoid.

The next element of 8 positive attitudes RDAP is OBJECTIVITY which can be interpreted as Does not show bias or partiality to either party. This will teach you to always learn to focus as well as others. We must not always be selfish, and always try to put the public interest first. We can also judge things more clearly and according to their place.

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Next we will discuss one element of 8 positive attitudes RDAP which is also quite important, namely GRATITUDE, which can be said as an attitude of gratitude or gratitude for the opportunity given to us to change. Always cultivate to learn to accept the situation conveying gratitude to the people who are willing to help us in the process towards that change. Then CARING, which in this case always provides the best possible support for the people around us. this sense of caring can arise from within and be driven by a sense of friendship because in the end the care will return to ourselves.

The next part of 8 positive attitudes RDAP that we will discuss is RESPONSIBILITY, which of course can be interpreted as Trying to always be responsible for what we do in the past, present, and future. Focus on how we can find solutions to existing problems rather than blaming others for problems that arise. Then the no less important part is OPEN-MINDEDNESS which in the end will be able to help to conditions the mind to be willing to try something new at any time, even things we may have hated in the past. This will ultimately help us to receive feedback on what we have done and make us find different ways of doing things with techniques that we never thought possible before.

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Then the last 8 positive attitudes RDAP is WILLINGNESS, which can be described as Never feel tired to make various efforts every day. This can also be interpreted as being willing to do anything so that the recovery process that we do can be successful and have an effect on both ourselves and the environment around us. This criterion is usually used as a reference whether the corrective activities carried out on a person have been successful or not.

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