7 Levels of Happiness: Deepening Understanding About Life

Happiness is something that we must strive for. In our search for this, of course, we will face our understanding of 7 levels of happiness which will make our lives have an interesting point of view. Especially if we fight for happiness with something difficult and we work hard to make something happen, then the happiness that we finally enjoy will taste so sweet. There are some things that are worth fighting for because they can affect people’s lives in a more positive way. Such a strong drive will thrive when we pursue ideals.

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Indeed, providing numbers and stages in something will make us more interested in discussing an object. This seems to simplify various kinds of complicated things into a few simple thoughts. Likewise with 7 levels of happiness, which some experts have their own version of regarding this matter, but some other experts make understanding so complex and requires deep thought. Experts can come to a definite conclusion after successfully reading a lot of literature or conducting their own research and studies and findings in the field against an idea that support the old theory, but some of it turns out to be a new framework for the development of newer theories.

Here we present 7 levels of happiness based on the general understanding that is developing in society, which are as follows:

  1. Artificial happiness
  2. Second hand happiness
  3. Stimulation happiness
  4. Formula happiness
  5. Happiness through service
  6. Divine happiness
  7. Eternal Bliss

In addition, there are also those who divide happiness into 4 things, namely:

  1. Pleasure
  2. Passion
  3. Purpose
  4. Ultimate Good

Of course there are also several other versions, but in general these two divisions summarize many more detailed divisions that might be more appropriate if we deepen psychology from an empirical perspective, not from popular and contemporary as we do today.

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So that we can focus more on achieving noble goals, it is important that we have a good support system. We can get this through a good work environment or a family that always supports what we do as long as the things we do are positive things. Even if we want to get 7 levels of happiness at the highest level we have to take advantage of the spiritual side so that our lives seem to have great and superior meaning. Because the spiritual side is usually full of positive things and makes us have to get used to being grateful even though we are in any condition.

We will always enjoy joy and sorrow. But basically we can choose, when we are faced with a condition whether we will be sad, angry, or accept it gracefully. If the thing we face is a pleasant situation, it will certainly be easier. Moreover, if we manage to reach 7 levels of happiness at its peak, then we will have a more positive perspective on all the problems that come our way. A problem is one thing, but how we react to a problem is another. We can’t avoid problems, but we can choose to deal with problems in what way.

In the previous article, we discussed happy for you synonym which will add fresh insight to your thinking.

This life consists of various aspects. We can fulfill all that is contained in all aspects, or we can choose to focus more on certain aspects that in our view are more important than others. What our views about 7 levels of happiness will also determine the priority of the goals we want to achieve. Someone who wants to be successful from a professional perspective will of course prioritize their daily activities to be able to excel in that field. But there are also those who prefer to prioritize family, so they don’t really pursue the highest career as long as they have a harmonious family.

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