5 HTP Anger Management: Why Shouldn’t You Use It

People with gross anger management can do many awful things. For example, they can throw a tantrum or display aggressive behaviors. Such things happen because their serotonin levels and structures break down. As a result, not only their moods become severely damaged. They can lose appetite, too. Several health professionals have used the 5 HTP anger management techniques to manage their angry behaviors. 5 HTP itself is a supplement from the African’s Griffonia simplicifolia. The fact that you can find 5 HTP everywhere is enough temptation for everyone to consume it. Furthermore, it can boost the serotonin levels that correlate with angry moods.


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Some other temptations to use 5 HTP include appetite regulations and aids for muscular discomfort. However, appetite and muscular problems are micro problems compared to anger management problems. Other things make 5 HTP unsafe to use for anger management purposes. First of all, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t permitted the use of 5 HTP up until now. Many medical websites also stated that 5 HTP is not safe for children. It is also not safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Such red flags for 5 HTP anger management don’t stop in the FDA certifications or the safety issues. There are no pieces of evidence of human trials that guarantee the success rates of 5 HTP.


The second point why you shouldn’t use 5 HTP to manage anger issues also lies in the scientific studies. One study suggested that taking 50-300 milligrams of 5 HTP every day causes the patients to suffer from insomnia, binge eating, and depression. Perhaps, such things happen because of too much of a 5 HTP increase on the serotonin levels. When the serotonin levels become too high, 5 HTP anger management can result in even more intense anxiety, shivering, and heart problems. At some points, people who are experiencing overdoses on the 5 HTP can develop the eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS). Such syndromes cause abnormalities in bloodstreams and the muscles to become unreasonably tendering. EMS isn’t the only syndrome that becomes the consequence of taking too much of a 5 HTP. Other side effects include brain seizures, osteoporosis, gastrointestinal issues, severe allergic reactions, and more.

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Such reasons lead to the third reason of why shouldn’t you use 5 HTP to manage your anger. That reason lies in your medical history. If you suffer from health problems, 5 HTP anger management is not your option. Another thing is that you can’t use 5 HTP to treat any anger issues. For example, anger management in people with Down syndrome should use other medications instead of 5 HTP. Such things are particularly right if that Down syndrome person has recently done any surgeries over the past two weeks. After all, 5 HTP can cause severe reactions. We have mentioned some in the second “why” point. It is not only causing potential damages to the human body. It also reacts in powerful ways when there are interactions with other medication types.


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The problem is that patients often consume more than three types of medicines. So, such realities amplify the reason why you shouldn’t use 5 HTP anger management. Instead of continuing to use the 5 HTP, consult your doctor immediately if you experience drowsiness or digestive and muscular issues. Then, let your doctor prescribe other medicines for managing anger. Given the entire potential problems you may encounter when consuming 5 HTP, you should understand other medications to alleviate anger. If your anger has caused you to feel depressed all the time, you can opt for other antidepressants. So, in conclusion, stop using 5 HTP anger management. Choose other methods of healing yourself whenever possible.

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