4 Steps to Play 86400 Time Management Activity to Know Your Priority

A team can build good time management instantly. They have to maintain and practice the management plan every day. The good thing is that you can practice it in a fun way by applying an 86400 time management activity. The more fun the game, the easier for you to get the points of the game and apply them in real life. This game is not only suitable for a group but also for a person who wants to improve their life quality by applying effective time management. Ensure that you know how to play this 86400 time management activity game to get effective and maximum results in real life.

Wondering if You Have $86.400

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This game starts by wondering if you have $86,400 that you can only use for a day. Then, think about the way you spend the money. There is no limitation on how you spend the money. You can spend it however you want as long as it is only for a day. Let’s say some people will use the money to fill their personal needs, give it to their family, pay for a new house, travel around, donate it, and many more. The process of this 86400 time management activity may take time since you have to decide the use of the money.

Writing Down a Schedule of Your Day  

Write down a schedule of your day once you finish with the way you spend the money. The schedule is about the list of the way you will spend the money, how much money you will spend, and when you will spend it. Remember the rule of this 86400 time management activity in which you can’t save money at all. You are not allowed to write that you will save some amount of the money in the bank. Ensure that the total of the spending is the same as the money you have to use. It means after that you will don’t have the money anymore.

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Learning the Idea of the Game

There is no right or wrong in this 24-hour time management activity game. You can do whatever you want with the money. Everyone will have different results while creating a list. The difference is your decision. 86400 represents 86,400 seconds in a day you have. The result of this 86400 time management activity shows your priority in using your time a day. Check the biggest expense you spend on the list. It can be your priority in life. On the other hand, the smallest costs you put on the list may not be your priority in life.

Analyze Your Result

Check and analyze your result after knowing the idea of this 86400 time management activity. It shows your priority in life. You may change it if it doesn’t support you to reach dreams or goals. If you are satisfied with the result, you have a guide. It means you know what to do to accomplish your goals. This game also helps you to focus on the priority first before others. Compare yourself before and after playing this game. Someone who plays this game may have a better life since they know the priority. There will be more goals they can complete than before.

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This game is not only for personal but also for the team. Business owners can use this time management activity game for training their employees. By knowing the priority, they have to do in the workplace, the performance will be better and more effective than before. Imagine that a simple game as 86400 time management activity can lead you to success in life as long as you commit to focusing on priority. You may achieve your success faster than before. The result is even more than your expectation.

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