stanley adventure quencher travel tumbler 40 oz with handle image

stanley adventure quencher travel tumbler 40 oz with handle image

Stanley adventure quencher travel tumbler 40 oz with handle image: Drinking water is likely to be the most healthy thing that many people fail to maintain each day. I’ve certainly been guilty, having missed my daily dose of 2 liters of water and having to be glued to my chair and desk for hours. The need to stand in every few minutes and refill the glass could be a bit tedious; however, even though there are plenty of water bottles that I could use, they are heavy to carry around and could result in spills because of their generally giant rims. This is why Stanley’s 40-ounce Adventure Quencher travel tumbler has proved to be an incredible tool for me, allowing me to stay hydrated throughout the day long.

With its vast capacity, robust handle, and vacuum insulation, The Adventure Quencher tumbler is the most efficient way I’ve discovered to drink water without having to refill bottles and bottles. The size of 40 ounces means that I’ll only need to refill it two times–perhaps three times, to meet my 2-liter goal. I’ve transformed finishing my daily refills into a target that I’m trying to meet. That may be why others are amazed by the Stanley tumbler as well that it has been on the market since November, and it has created an eternal waitlist of 33,000 people during the process. Happily, it’s back in stocks today, and you can purchase it for just $40.

In the context of such a basic idea, the tumbler has an impressive array of components. The lid is adjustable, and the lid features an adjustable cover that lets users drink through the wide opening or the straw or keep it shut to carry it around. The straw makes drinking easy, and the vacuum insulation helps keep the water cool all day long (and hot for as long as seven). Additionally, the tumbler is lightweight and straightforward to carry around despite the vacuum insulation, thanks to its grippy handles. Because it’s dishwasher safe, I can throw it in the dishwasher every night to do routine cleaning.

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