overseas adventure travel complaints image

overseas adventure travel complaints image

Overseas adventure travel complaints image: OAT has canceled all departures for September 2020 at the time of writing (July 15). I contacted the company to ask for a full refund of Our October Morocco tour just two minutes ago. I had hoped to fight with them, but they were extremely accommodating about it and promised a full reimbursement to my credit card in approximately 30 days. I was very pleasantly amazed. They did provide enticements for me to make a change; however, at this point, no one is aware of when travel might be feasible again. Perhaps all the negative press and angry customer responses have played a role in it or with the MA AG a got on their behalf. Whatever the reason, the way they handled their situation today will definitely influence my decision about whether I will book with them again in the future. They did the right thing.

We are glad to hear that you were able to make a good experience! We were on tour with Gate 1 to Canada in June. It was delayed by Gate 1, and our flights were also canceled by United also. We purchased our tickets through Gate 1 as well as the tour. I had to contact them once and ask that they receive an airline refund as our flights were canceled, and I also demanded a refund from Gate 1. The agent was friendly and helpful and assured me that she was able to do this for me. I received my refund from United within a week and Gate 1 in just two weeks. I did not even need to get in touch with United.

June 30 saw our flight (also included in Gate 1 in October) to Greece to Greece canceled. Two days later, AA pulled our tickets. Again, I made a phone call at Gate 1, asked the friendly agent to refund my money, and was never required to contact the airline again.

Then, I never experienced any hesitation when I asked for the amount of money back. They instantly said yes, and did not try to convince me to deposit my cash to them for a future travel credit or to make a booking with them in the future. I was both impressed by the manner in which they dealt with my phone calls.

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