georgia tech online master’s in computer science image

georgia tech online master's in computer science image

Georgia tech online master’s in computer science image: The BSBA curriculum allows students to finish all requirements for the degree, including two semesters abroad and one internship over four years. The four-year curriculum checklist indicates the sequence in which you should complete your classes. However, you don’t have to complete your degree in the line shown on the index. You can create your four-year plan with your advisor, shifting through the list of courses following your personal and professional goals.

Most first-year students will take one or two business classes to learn how to pursue the BSBA major. Internships, study abroad, and types are available throughout the period (fall, spring, and summer). Students will collaborate with their advisors to figure out which months are the most suitable for these opportunities.

The BSBA curriculum is the foundational courses required to be taken by Georgia Tech’s University System of Georgia, covering the subjects of English mathematics, humanities as well as Social Science and Computer Science, and Health, as well as Laboratory Science. These classes are required for students from all Georgia Tech students.

Students continue to build upon their introductory coursework by completing electives that are part of their specific study area. Concentrations offer additional depth in gaining more skills and knowledge. They also increase the likelihood of competing for the top positions within particular fields of study.

BSBA students are required to use their option credits in the form of taking one of the concentrations that are approved. Students collaborate with an academic adviser and faculty members to decide on the concentration they want to pursue based on their previous experiences in the workplace, coursework completed, and the student’s goals (career or otherwise).

Students are limited to completing only one subject, but they can complete at least one of our certificates to get more depth in other areas.

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