georgia tech online master’s computer science acceptance rate image

georgia tech online master's computer science acceptance rate image

Georgia tech online master’s computer science acceptance rate image: Georgia Institute of Technology, popularly referred to by the name Georgia Tech, confers degrees through numerous schools, like Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business and the College of Engineering.

Georgia Tech is one of the top engineering colleges across the US, with an acceptance rate of approximately 20 percent. They also offer programs in other areas like Business, policy economics, policy, etc. Georgia Tech uses GRE as one of the key indicators of success in graduate school.

Quantitative GRE scores are extremely competitive in engineering and science programs and MBA programs. But, Arts and Sciences GRE scores are generally less competitive.

The admissions process at every US graduate program is extremely subjective, therefore don’t take an excellent GRE test score to be a sure way that you will be admitted. The genuine enthusiasm for the program you’re considering is equally important. But, be aware that the top graduate schools (including Georgia Tech) have an academic focus in their admissions process. Therefore GRE or GPA are crucial elements.

We’ve calculated these scores using the information we have gathered from courses offered at Georgia Tech or by reviewing the GRE scores of the most successful students from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Certain programs provided their scores averages, while some did not. In the case of those that didn’t, we reached out to students who are currently studying or have recently completed their studies at Georgia Tech and used their scores to calculate their typical GRE scores.

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