georgia tech omscs acceptance rate reddit image

georgia tech omscs acceptance rate reddit image

Georgia tech omscs acceptance rate reddit image: The recorded nature of lectures offers them the benefit of polish and convenient access for students. You don’t have to be in class on a specific date or time. You can go through the material at your own pace—the best things.

The instructor at present was able to offer his view of what he was planning to teach in the class — and what order to deliver the lectures. Instead of completing the studies according to how they appeared in Udacity, the students went through the lessons in a different way that was in line with the teacher’s curriculum plans.

Sometimes, it created confusion. It was harder to follow our schedule for the week. Recording material that was recorded in a different sequence than its creator wanted caused confusion.

One instructor developed additional supplementary material on YouTube to discuss topics not covered included in the lectures. While the content added value but it obscured what we were supposed to watch and learn every week.

Sometimes, the lecturer wanted students to follow a particular method or approach to solving problems in a specific manner different from the one the lecturer was presenting. This caused confusion and miscommunication and resulted in an extra burden for all affected.

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