georgia tech master’s computer science cost image

georgia tech master's computer science cost image

Georgia tech master’s computer science cost image: One of the enormous benefits of going to an online analytics and data science boot camp is flexibility. By utilizing a completely live, online classroom, the classroom is available to you no matter the location you’re in. With our part-time model, it is possible to attend classes held on weekends and evenings to accommodate your current schedule.
Being a virtual student doesn’t mean you’ll be deprived of instructional assistance. Instead, you’ll enjoy engaging, instructor-led classes and support from a team of teachers, instructors as well as a tutoring network that can assist you in your journey. Your students will be a great resource of support as you join forces to develop new projects.
Every week, you’ll dive into new concepts and topics using the knowledge you’ve gained to real-world issues through hands-on activities. These assignments will allow you to build an adequate portfolio. Keep on track and confidently move through the program.
The fast-paced, exciting analytics and data science courses cover the specific techniques needed for the rapidly growing data field. These include Intermediate Excel, Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, API Interactions, SQL, Tableau, Fundamental Statistics, Machine Learning, R, Git/GitHub, and much more.
Learn from experienced instructors and gain experience through working with your classmates on complicated projects. Additionally, you’ll also develop an impressive portfolio throughout the process and give you the confidence to get into the business.

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