Personal Growth Counselling: Cultivating Confidence

Before we go find an expert in personal growth counselling then the main thing we must have is the desire to change for the better. If this is ingrained in the mind, then there will be a lot of positive things that will happen. Even empirical studies also state that people who can do self-assessments even at a simple level can be easier to develop and easier to learn new skills which in turn make

Personal Development Trainings: Have a Different Point of View

We must somehow take the time to be able to follow personal development trainings through various vendors that we can choose from, according to the recommendations given by friends or colleagues. Moreover, it is related to the time management program which has been transformed into attention management which one day may also turn into priority management. How many resources are wasted because we don’t consider this important thing. If we work in a highly competitive

Leadership Personal Development Plan: Make Things Easy

Using leadership personal development plan which is already neatly organized will certainly be good in terms of implementation because everything is well organized. Because basically a person’s leadership capacity can increase as long as his experience is far beyond that of other people. Therefore, sometimes choosing someone to be a leader is not just looking at academic abilities and hard skills, but also having to look at the experience of organizations with almost equal capacities

Personal Development Seminar: Find What’s Hidden Within You

What is expected by us following personal development seminar is that we are able to awaken the inner strength that so far may not be able to come out because it is hindered by various reasons. We must not be selfish and feel the greatest that makes us not want to develop ourselves to be better. There are many things that are usually the reason, it could be because of age that is no longer

Personal Development Psychology: Helping You with a Scientific Approach

Previously, many people misinterpreted personal development psychology as something really private and personal so that only we ourselves know. Of course, this kind of understanding is not correct, because by looking at it from an external point of view, we will have the opportunity to more quickly achieve the goals we have set earlier. Especially if what we are doing really has scientific principles and empirical sources that will be based on in-depth research with

Enneagram Growth: Provision to Understand Behavior of Many People

In an effort to become a better person, sometimes we need the concept of enneagram growth to know ourselves better. If you have found your personality characteristics and found the most appropriate explanation of who you really are, then we can determine the most suitable self-development program to apply. When we first see this tool, maybe we will be a little dizzy because the picture is so complicated. But what is presented there is very

Personal Career Development: Take Advantage of The Amazing Results

If you don’t have a good personal career development plan, then it means you have planned your career to fail. There are many things you can do to get you one step closer to your goal. Because this process is a process that lasts a long time and is continuous, it is not just a one-time process, so you can immediately get what you want. Because it takes a long time, then you have to

Personal Professional Development Plan: A Sure Step

Everyone who wants to achieve a better career, then must make the right personal professional development plan. There are indeed so many versions available, but we can choose which one is best suited to our individual circumstances. This process usually consists of an assessment, goal design, discussion of material to achieve goals, a habituation process, and finally an evaluation of what has been done and has not been done by re-assessing and updating goals. You

John Maxwell 15 Laws of Growth: The Formula That Has Been Proven Success

John Maxwell 15 laws of growth becomes an interesting discussion because it has been proven to change the lives of many people to be extraordinary. Of course, something that has been proven to work for many people means it has advantages that other programs don’t have. We will try to explain these one by one. The first law is the Law of Intentionality. We must have a strong desire to be successful. Face every fear

Personal Growth Coach: Focus on The Main Agreed Goals

There are many personal growth coach that we can use their services to make our lives much more meaningful. Maybe you will think your current life is fine and let it flow as it is. But if you work in a very competitive field of work, then you have to be at the forefront by becoming a better person every day. Especially if we are engaged in the service sector which is closely related to